Thursday, January 9, 2014

The 'Taste' of pudding is in 'Eating!'

A man of mid thirties was a constant critic of migration to a particular place for settlement....  He often used to quote the limitations of living in that place saying, “Your 'Own Place' is always the best for you.... Never get off from your place and settle in this place however alluring it may be because your Place is like your mother who ever cares for you and you don’t know the dangers and threats that you may face in the new place in the long run....  Distant hills are always smooth.... Once you get fixed up there, you cannot change that easily!  All glitter and glamour will vanish in no time and realities only will be in front...." Thus, he used to say and further reiterate his stand…. Life was going on thus….

A wise man, a well-wisher to the man’s family who migrated to the same place long back decided to teach him the 'Right' in that scenario.... On a fine day, he straight away sent him an invitation to come to his place for a short stay of vacation.... But, the man was reluctant to go there even for a day…. That was his hatred towards the place.... But all people around persuaded him to go for a short stay as he would lose nothing in that.... Finally he, with all reluctance made his travel arrangements to the place with a firm thought in his mind, "I will note every detail of my experiences in this one month in the new place and present 'As Is' to every one in my place on my return.... That would be a true eye opener for many of my people who carry certain false dreams with them!"

On arrival and on the first day of the visit to the place, he went out to make a note of 'all the wrongs' of that place he imagined, but not noticed much and returned.... The next day he repeated the process, had a few interactions but they never really appeared to be so much disgusting as he imagined.... Slowly day by day as he started living there, he could notice certain distinct good points of the place too.... The place had its own Unique Identity and the Culture of the people living there was distinct with its own merits which he never noticed at his place! The Work Culture too was totally different there at the back drop of hard work with the Concept ‘Do your basic work yourself' being on the anvil.... And there was a certain discipline with the people of the place which made life there quite easy going and comfortable.... Thus, in about 2 weeks time, the man ascertained in himself that the place was equally not less! As the initial opinion had thus changed, he developed an interest to stay for some more time in the new place and observe more of the place and the surroundings.... At that point of time,  he equally started seeing certain other defects of the place too which he could never think of earlier.... That way he soon he could note 'the best' of the place, with the defects by the side 'As Is'... 

On the day of return, he could no more control his feelings in himself and confided to his well-wisher thus, “I was totally wrong in my earlier thinking.... There is nothing like bad anywhere in this world and it is always in one’s perception only! Every Place invariably has its own good points with the associated short comings.... That way ‘All the best’ Entity is never there in the Universe....  One should truly understand this, be always with the Right, keep off from the inevitable wrong existing by the side never encouraging that at any time...."

Finally, he returned to his place, then totally as a different man.... Soon, he started openly recommending every where migration to the same place if one wished to go there with a tail place, “Your 'Own Place' is always the ‘Best’ for you from your basic living point of view and always welcomes you with a 'Heart' whenever you want to return! Never forget this beyond a point, wherever you may be living all your life and whatever may be the 'best' the new place would offer you!” 

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