Sunday, December 15, 2013

True 'Self Respect'....

The Great Man said, “I don’t mind undergoing a punishment rather than be out of it if my actions do not bring in the True Justice to my people who are affected!”

To an information that His own friend was plotting on His life, the Great Man straight away went to meet the friend late night alone and when the friend opened the door for Him, gave a weapon to him and said, “I heard that you are planning to kill me…. I myself came here alone voluntarily to help you in that…. And I did not inform any one on this!”

That is the 'Self Denial' the Great Men on the Earth ever maintain for a 'Cause' They have taken up without caring for their own lives…. The Highest Personality Expression....

For a normal man like me, this is an impossible task and I am far, far away from this Great Strength…. Here, the best of way of Expressing my Personality is always living with the 'highest self respect' at a level where my decent living is not questioned....  And when this is ensured, accepting something extra out of greed is truly bringing down this 'self respect'…. If I am man of true 'self respect', I should take care to say 'No' here but that should never mean a hurt to the other man and his / her dignity is upheld all the time….

It is possible that I may be accepting some of these additional favors without never getting off from rule bound discipline here since straight away saying 'NO' to all these, at this level is sometimes too difficult and looks as if I am losing some thing…. So, let that go on since I am still within the accepted behaviors and discipline around but ever keep an eye open all the time with a thought, "Why not I say ‘NO’ here too and still be happy in life?”

If that happens at whatever level it may be, it is a big 'Credit' to my 'Personality' in this life making my 'Self Respect' go steadily 'UP' in the eyes of people around along with the Blessings of the Almighty from above!

A task Worth taking up in this life!

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