Friday, January 10, 2014

'Missing Interactions' amidst the 'Prosperity'....

A man of mid fifties living alone one fine day decided to visit his children, a few relatives and friends who were well settled in abroad leading 'the best' life according to him ….

“Life should be like that….They are the places of prosperity.... Essentials are plenty and there are no shortages in any corner…. People are friendly; they won’t interfere with you…Not at all to say! They always mind their own work…work… work; that's all! And every able bodied person works.... That naturally brings in the wealth and prosperity around and makes one's life truly happy…. What else one wants in life when everything is in front at an affordable price and nothing fails so easily?” Thus with a great enthusiasm at the back of his mind, the man planned his one month hectic tour…. “Actually, all wanted me there for a longer period but I cannot do that as I have my own works here… A month is good enough for the trip!” he proclaimed....

The D day came.... With great enthusiasm, looking around with keen interest, he travelled  the longest distance in his life and was at his two children’s place.... Having relaxed himself for a couple of days,  he visited a few relatives and close friends near by and had lots of interactions…. But, he quickly noticed that wherever he went including at his children's place the dialogues were more or less typical in Nature and repetitive.…

“Welcome!  We are happy that you are here….Everything is arranged for you… Take some rest, relax and you can go for a walk around…. The weather is pleasant…. You can visit a Coffee Shop, a Book Store or a Shopping Place near by.... At home you can browse 24 hrs with Wi-Fi, listen to some music or watch a few TV Programs….The kitchen is fully loaded and you can prepare what you want…. We both have to be off to our jobs…. Important meetings are there and in the evenings, the Office Parties etc…. And so the return will be late…. But no problem, the children are on their own, they go to schools and come back.... They have their own rooms.... They don’t disturb you at all and you can fully relax!” 

The Week ends were there, but again, the holidays too were hectic, with fully loaded Programs and each doing the related jobs to maintain the Order and discipline….

The man was almost a dumb creature there all the time with his usual interactions of Home Place missing…. Finally, the Program came to an end, he was put back in the Aircraft with his items neatly packed and bid ‘Good Bye!’   Totally exhausted and feeling dull with the missing ‘familiarity’, he reached home town midnight… Slept off that night at the back of too much fatigue in the body and emptiness in the mind…. The next day morning around 7 O’clock, the door bell rang several times, and as he woke up and opened the door, he saw his regular Fruit Vendor who used to supply fruit to him on need basis….

“Sir! How are you? I did not see you for almost one month…. You should have told me before going…..... For a while, I was not knowing what had happened to you and then the neighbors told me that you have gone abroad to see your children…. How are they doing?   By the by, how is your health and how was your journey? Any how, you are back and I am happy to see you here…. Sir! Take these items for today and relax yourself.... I’ll come back when I have some time…. Then you can tell me what all you have seen and done in those Countries......"

The man emotionally taken a back with the enquiries, murmured in himself, “Dear! I went to the other end of the world to see the greatness there talked often.... Everything was really great there but something was equally missing.... Yes! It is 'This'.... In the past 30 days, you are the first known person I am coming in contact who is truly enquiring my well being whole heartedly!  They have everything around them but they have no way of interacting with their people heart to heart.... We may not have all that but we have many around who speak 'so sweetly' when that is needed very much.... Truly a blessing in disguise!”

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