Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Strange 'Back Up' Services'....

###  When it is a question of making use of a Door Delivery Service, the same may be sometimes a little uncomfortable in respect of the receipt of duplicate Keys for front door....

### I was trying to make an important call on my mobile phone…. As I selected the Contact, instantly a Voice message came up, “You are not allowed to make a call on this number… Please make a note!” I was shocked and could never understand the meaning behind the message as the number was that of a known man only and I correctly selected the name what was saved to my Contacts…. Perplexed, as I opened the details saved under the name to my surprise, I noticed a single digit saved as the Contact No…. Don't know how but the tone of the Voice message haunts me even today….

### The prospective Customer was in rage due to the total failure on the behalf of Vendor in respect of his Supplies in time.... He picked up his mobile phone and made call to the Vendor's number to blast him saying as a Supplier he had to bend down before the tough Customers like him….A Voice message came on the phone instantly saying, “The Customer you are trying to call is presently busy on another call.... If you want to speak to him, please wait.... He can be contacted only when he finishes the other call….”  The man quickly rang up to the Phone Company and shouted, “This is not my Customer; he is my Supplier.... Please correct yourself first!”

###  Overheard a joke…. Long back when Telephone Services were in the primitive stage, limited in number and getting  connected to the required number was not an easy job at important places, a man used to help out dialing for the Customers waiting in long queues so that those not familiar with the Systems and Instruments did not make mistakes in ringing up to the wrong numbers…..

Once a Customer asked for a number to be dialed and it came up as the wrong one…. The gentleman manning the Counter before disconnecting the line shouted aloud, "The number 'XXXXX' is connected…. Does any one in the queue want this number?”

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