Friday, February 21, 2014

The 'Preaching' is never for Me!

The Milk Man was 10 minutes late….

“What my Dear? How can you be late?…. I already lost my precious morning hrs waiting for you…. Yaar! If you work like this, soon I have to find an alternate Supplier…. Now I've to make up my time…. How can I do this? I’ll be late to my Office!”

The News Paper Boy was 10 mts late….

“Dear! You know that I cannot start my work without reading the Headlines…. My entire day of work depends partly what’s going on around….Why don't you come in time? Now I have to rush thru’ your Paper....”

The Servant Boy was late by 10 minutes....

"Dear!  You should be here by sharp 7 as I told you.... You see the time now.... For you hrs may not matter but for me minutes matter.... I am waiting for my Mail from the mail box.... If you delay, I have to leave to Office without seeing my Mail and how do think that I can do my work without knowing yesterday's Mail? Take care.... From tomorrow onwards, you should be dot at 7 AM at my Door Steps else you should find your new Boss!"

There was some traffic jam on the road…. The Driver diverted the vehicle on to a longer Route….

“I don't know when our city streamlines on the traffic issues…. This way, daily I'll be late for my work…. I can't start early also as others too are daily late by 5-10 minutes…. If every one starts in their right time, this mess will not be there.... All because, every one wants to relax and take life coolly.... I don't know what will happen in the coming days.....”

At the Entrance Gate, the old Security Guard was late by a few minutes in opening the Gate….

“Dear! It's time you take rest… Let some one else do this…. Time is very important and old people cannot rise to the occasion…. You may need the job but think, no one can stop doing a job properly when he gets a payment…. Don't feel that I am harsh here.... This is Law of Nature....”

In the Office Chamber….

“What I say!  You are again late…. Don't tell me that it is just 5 minutes.... I don't allow it.... From, tomorrow onwards, be early to Office by 5 minutes daily.... That solves your daily late problem!"

After two hrs at the Office Desk…

“Hello! Is it…Oh yeah! I know…. OK.... Got it…. Means we are through our Precious Deal…. What a good News!…. All my waiting here fully paid off…. I was telling…. When luck decides to favor us, nothing can stop it…. This is a life time gain…You know what it means?…. I am left with enough money now for a decent living even if I do not work for my entire life…. It does not mean that I will keep quite…. But I need not run for my day to day works and my earnings are around me in whatever way I work…. Let’s celebrate…. Tonight, we will have the choicest dinner at….. and even if I return late in the night, I need not run for my work in the morning as from tomorrow onwards…....."


  1. When all worries are over, that is the time for real worries from which escape is difficult! :)

    1. Yes Sir! Thanks for the valuable comment.... Of course, I meant here about the delinqency in other discipline of being on time....