Sunday, April 27, 2014

The 'Only Way' with any one amidst a Crisis....

A certain man of mid forties was a man of hectic activities….

“I don’t know how to handle so many works thrust on me at a time.... All these works, need lots of attention and energies…. You have to keep a look out everywhere and every moment….Finally, no one knows in which direction the results would be coming…. I am totally in a fix and feel that I am squarely caught at this stage… I can neither say 'No' to these nor simply keep quite without bothering in that direction…. Now, I understand why people’s tensions are multiplied in mid age….” thus he was expressing his anxieties to an elderly Well-wisher with him who was a man of understanding and Advisor among the known Circles....

The Well-wisher listening to him all the while, smiled and said, “My dear! I understand your anxiety.... Truly speaking, neither getting into the issues in front of you was your make nor getting out of the issues as planned is your outlook.... You have done no mistake here and the happenings too require no permission from you before they happen that way!  Have patience, keep cool and take off the pressure on you at this moment ….” He paused for a while and continued….. "But, I just want to ask you a question at this juncture.... How is that you have totally forgotten the presence of The All Powerful behind these happenings precipitating towards an end result? The Will of Him alone ultimately prevails in every inch of these.... He alone Steers all the Sails of our Ships in the midst of the Ocean of life where many times it is the calm weather but a few times, the rough one too.... But where our Prayers are sincere, there the Almighty will be with us and all good will definitely come through that single action at the end of the day…. And this alone is the greatest strength of ours for ever in our lives...."

While leaving, the well-wisher just patted him and said, “But, dear! Don’t forget that along with the Prayer, we should be doing the so called the 'duties' with us in the best way known to us….The Lord before hand always expects us be doing these duties with all sincerity when we knock at His door and here He never allows at anytime, a concession for willful non-doing!”

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