Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The ‘Practical’ Spiritual Life!

What is known to me in this world is called ‘The Relative Truth' and tuning myself to that alone is safe for me and not copying some one who is above this Level nor stooping down to a Level below this…. Thus, at my 'Level'  my life is to be experienced / faced by me and living / struggling through that alone should continue.... Here, I come across many conflicts as I constantly interact with people around who definitely are very much different from me…. There would be a wide difference between my thinking / doings and the thinking / doings of  others of course, all doings being within the legal boundaries….

In this scenario, I can either question others around me through my Authority or I can make others accept me through my submission or I can alternately do both depending on the situations…. All these practices may be correct to a limited extent just to come out of the immediate sensitive situations in front but all along I should quickly straighten myself and start living ultimately out of my freedom alone where the Authority has no place and submissiveness is seen as an unpardonable weakness…. This very attitude of expressing the ‘Freedom’ with me is the gist of my entire life and I should continue doing this constantly never myself yielding to one of the two Culprits Viz., Authority or Submissiveness…. This way alone should go on the Spiritual Practice in my life and in the process, I should constantly be aware that not many hands would join me but those that join are forever the firm helping hands thus making my ‘Spiritual Practice’ a ‘Safe Entity’ of my life!

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