Sunday, September 28, 2014

The 'Business' Syndrome...

### On a Sunday afternoon, the family visited a Restaurant along with the Little Kid of 3 yrs for Lunch….

“Hi! My boy likes Ice Cream a lot and you don’t serve it here in your Restaurant…. Can I just buy it for him from the next Shop and get it here so that we will have our Lunch as the child eats the Ice Cream?” the Dad asked the Manager….

“No Sir! We don’t allow the outside food in our Restaurant except the child’s own food…. That’s our Policy…. And I’m sorry about that!”

“The Little Boy likes his Ice Cream a lot and that way we can Manage his activities easier!”

“I’m sorry…. Out Rules are very strict!”

“OK! Please take my Order….” saying thus the Dad placed his Order and the family was waiting for their food….

In the meantime, the Little One was too active…. He took the glass of water kept on the Table, instantly poured the whole water on ground, brought down down the artificial Plant kept neatly at the centre of table, threw the salt from the salt bottle on the table all round and was ready to reach the pepper bottle next to it at the back of a great zeal of exploration as few Customers around and near to him started moving a bit carefully and uncomfortably….

The Manager instantly came running to the Dad and said, “Sir! Please go and get immediately the Ice Cream you mentioned for the Boy…. We are this moment relaxing our Rules for all small children in respect of the outside food!”

### The elderly man entered the Restaurant and said, “At my age with my own health problems, I can’t eat anything spicy, salty, oily and sweet…. Can you just give me 2 slices of plain bread simply toasted with nothing on it along with a cup of tea?”

The Manager came to him and politely answered, “Sir! We can’t just give like that…. We add a little of our own…..….. to it, toast it and serve it you…. That would be quite tasty!”

“No please…. I don’t want anything on it…. Just give me the plain…..”

“Sir! Again I am telling…. We can’t give like that and you will never like it…. Please allow us to add a bit of our specially prepared……… to it and serve you as the best!”

“Dear! I am telling you I like it plain…. I will straight away pay a price that is there on your Menu for a Toast…. And I promise further…. I’ll never say a word on what you served to me here today!”

“OK! Sir! Your wish…. We don’t want to displease our Customer on this side too…. We’ll get it for you!”

Soon 2 pieces of bread were served to him hot along with Tea and tasting the bread item, the man immediately said, “Hi! It tastes so different and disgusting…. I can’t eat this!”

The Manager smiled and said, “Sir! I told you that you can’t eat it…. The bread is just 3 days old!” 

### The man entered a Restaurant and ordered a large number of items…. He then took out a small piece of food from the next Eatery which he had purchased from there earlier and started eating it….

The Manager came running to him and said, “Sir! We will not allow outside food here!”

The man got into an argument and said, “Dear! Your Restaurant is almost Empty…. As such, I am not disturbing any one here and I am not going to make your area messy with this food… Further, I placed a huge Order too on you…. Thus truly speaking, here I am never against your Business…. What’s your problem then?”

The Manger said, “Sir! This is our Policy!”

The man remarked, “That’s why your Restaurant is Empty this moment…. Please be a little realistic to practicality of life!”

The Manager murmured, “Whatever said and done, at any time we don’t want the Rival in our Business to progress at our cost!”

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The 'LESS' here is forever.... a 'PAIN!'

The gentleman took the Voluntary Retirement 5 years in advance of close of his Service when he was a having a serious tiff with the Boss and as a blessing in disguise his Company announced the VR Scheme with good financial benefits.... He quickly applied for the same and soon was OUT.... "With a good amount of lump sum cash with me and lot of time in front, I can at least relax now and do what I missed all these years in my life...." he thought thus....

But in no time, he noticed that spending time was too difficult with nothing to do in front.... And equally he found himself doing some odd jobs of others without anything termed as 'his own' as there was plenty of time with him which otherwise people around would have found their own ways of managing those issues.... He was unhappy for a while but did not lose heart and firmed up, "I'll find an alternative job for me and if I search, it will not be difficult to get one at the back of my vast experience but I need one where I can take it a bit cool and do something my own!"  And that became very much true as coincidence to his decision, the next day there was a call on his mobile phone..... 

“Hello Sir! We heard that you took VR from your Company.......... We have an Honorarium Post for you in our Group......... Our Work needs your experience as back up.... We have to complete........... Can you help us here?” 

"Perfect!  I am coming there from the next Week!" the man said with a feeling of a great satisfaction on his face.... 

But, in two days of joining the new Job he found that the task to be delivered was too demanding and he was easily questioned for peanuts in the name of Honorarium…. No need to say.... In a few more days he was out from that job…. But strangely the phone rang again…. 

“Sir! I heard that you took Voluntary Retirement............. There is a small Offer for you.... It is an Advisory Job where in you will be........... It may not be a hectic activity but quite relaxing for your age and............"

The gentleman felt in himself, "Yes!  The Right One I am looking out for at this point of time!" and soon got into that Work with all Pride as he would be able to offer a good guidance and steer the Careers of a few Beginners…. But to his surprise the interests faded again, misunderstandings cropped up when he, out of his vast experience could never see a wrong taking in front of him and to question that he found no Administrative Powers with him.... No need to say that after a short time he was back at home again….

“Hello Mr.........., How are you? I heard that you took VRS and tried a few other Jobs of……… Actually, we have the right Job for you…. And it is the right challenge for you at this point of time! You,  yourself will agree to this after you join us…. Equally good are our Perks if not the basic Salary.... When do you like to join us?” 

The man was doubtful of his own liking of such jobs at that point of time but some how agreed and  had taken up the job.… No doubt, the Job was hectic, interesting and demanding but the Payments were not at all matching as many Perks were just on Paper and nothing came to his hand…. The man felt below dignity to Work for such a less Payment compared to his original Salary.... Thus he was out again the third time….

The telephone rang up this time.….

“Hi! Is it………? Yeah! I am.…….. I heard that you had taken VRS.... Good, you came out from there…. That atmosphere is never for people like us…..We cannot sell ourselves like slaves…. OK…. The reason why I rang up to you is…......We are looking out for a very Competent Manager here…. There is a challenging Task from one of our Prestigious Customers…...... I know, you are the One that can rightly help us out at this crucial time…. And about our Jobs and Payments…...... My Company means…..... That’s all…. Nothing would be less here and nothing has a laxity…. Only you should step in and you yourself will soon see that…..... When do you like to join us?”

The man went there from the next day and never looked back till he retired from that Unique Offer!

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Perfect Plan!

The Little One of 3 yrs was too naughty…. He had his own ways of exploring, his own demanding Nature and his own inhibitions to keep off….. And whenever he was forced to stop his such Expression, he used to raise a cry unending till his goal was necessarily met…..

In number one attitude there were a few times some dangers, in number two there was a behavior of annoyance for outsiders and in number three the kid was not able to adapt to the usual good for him and move off from the so called 'not good'….

The elders thought of gently correcting him by various means but nothing worked…. And whenever they forced him, it used to be a big drama and a long cooling off subsequently…..

The Mother observed all this for a while but soon firmed up on the timely correction required in the Little One which she allowed up to that point of time out of her own intuition which was once again for the good of the child as none could dispute on that…. That’s how the Mothers work around us….She thought of a simple final plan…. She created the imaginary Figure of the ‘Security Uncle’ around being a constant Watcher on the child's activities…. That Uncle will accept all good but where the child was not listening to the Mom, he would come up into ‘Picture!’

So at Home the action was some one pressing the Calling Bell in intervals when the child does not heed to the good advices and when outside, a member going away to physically bring the Uncle….

And it was the Perfect Fit of the Sensitive Moment and made its own Wonders….

Soon, the child whenever showed his resistance and started on his own beyond, in no time the Unknown Uncle used to be in Action…. Appearing discretely nearer and around and monitoring the child’s activities…. No doubt to say, the Little One in no time was a boy happily doing the required for his own good….

Days passed into months and then into years….

Soon the child had grown into an young boy and in a few years later into the young adult….

Yes! He would have understood at one stage during that period that the Uncle was nothing but a fictions Character going around….

But that never disturbed him, he smiled in himself on the Trick used by his Mom, had a full Respect for the Trick and all Reverence for the Mom who used it, retained the same with him safely and used it whenever he had to deal with children who refused to listen to the good beyond and wanted their own say unlimited….

A Great Gift given to him by his Mom for his own Welfare without an iota of fear instilled at that tender age to bring out a fully Grown Personality in him who could subsequently Express himself as a Man of Action in his life amidst many Crises and a Gentle and Caring Personality around for those who badly needed the required Attention in their sensitive Moments of life….

What else one needs at such a tender age to Grow and Out Grow as a Perfect Personality of Right Expressions in later part of their life?

Hats off to all the Moms in this World who are really doing such Great Service in Upholding and Maintaining a Great Social Order around us and in our Neighborhood!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

‘Small’ is the Keyword here; ‘Large’ is not Reachable easily!

Once upon a time, two Mighty Groups were promising a large section of people what they could do for their betterment…. “If you keep faith in us and follow us, we will provide you with….....” People had kept faith in one Group and followed them for sometime…. Not much had happened and the usual more or less continued....

The other Group at this point of time contested saying, “You believed that Group and they failed because of these....1...2...3... mistakes…... Believe us and we will do….......” And, so naturally people believed the other Group and shifted their faith there…. The other Group too did not do much....

The first Group said, “See! They also failed…. It is not that easy…. We might have failed in some issues but we were doing a concrete job…........” No doubt, people shifted their faith…. But again nothing great happened, the story repeated and the second Group once again was followed for a while….

People were totally vexed with all those promises and were squarely at Cross Roads to arrive at the Right Course of Action….

Suddenly the two Groups together started talking in a different Way and each had said, “We both decided to do only ‘All Good’ from now onwards and never allow a little bad too to creep in which earlier had happened…. So there is no problem now and all is going to be well soon.... The only difference here is that our Group's specific Plan in this context exclusively caters for............” and elaborated their Own Plans....

People decided to forget the History, temporarily keep faith in one of the Groups through their own best known evaluation and get back to work for their betterment as much as possible by themselves individually and though smaller Groups of their own with a faith in the immediate Doers around and with a close Personal Follow-ups....

And ultimately, that alone worked 'THE BEST' in the given situation!

Friday, September 5, 2014

'Emptiness' in Life is forever a 'Monster' by our side!

It was the D-Day.... The gentleman Retired that Evening from the very long Service he had been into for years..... Back home in the Official Car, he was absolutely silent.... 'All family responsibilities are well discharged, children are well settled in their life, finances are never an issue and God given health is much better..... What to do with such a Set Life in front from tomorrow Morning with nothing to do?' was the question very much in his mind....  Many Offers, Suggestions and Advices were there but none could really substitute for the Original Work Life of Status, Power and Involvement that was there till that day.... All had straight away vanished at one stroke....

"Sir!  Our Company likes to Offer you an Advisory Job with your last drawn Salary for the next 2 yrs.... Our Letter of Offer is ready.... We Welcome you to Our Organization!"

“The right time for you to seriously start pursuing a Hobby of yours for which you might not have found time so far in your life!” 

“This is the time you should visit some of your distant Friends and Relatives whom you could never meet earlier due to your busy Schedules and missed all such interactions.... It keeps you really busy and happy in life!” 

“Why don’t you develop the habit of Reading and spending time in that line?  That way, you will soon find the best books around you.... It's worth doing that job compared to any other activity as here you will never come in the way of others.... Else misunderstandings will be plenty...."

“You can do a Social Service in the neighborhood or through an Institution.... That way, I am sure some Honorarium Jobs will be found around you....” 

“I tell you, God Oriented Activities and visiting the Worshiping Places are the best engagements for you at this point of time as these are the Ultimate in Life!”

The Offers, Suggestions and Advices were consolatory as none could help more than that at that point of time.... No doubt, a few sure engagements were possible with the Job of Advisory Activities at the back.... But a feeling of  'TOTALLY LOST' simply engulfed him instantly.... It means, a Chapter closed once for all for the lifetime.... The man instantly felt 5 years extra aged.....

Suddenly, the phone rang up…. It was the Distant Long Call....

"Dad!  I wanted to surprise you with this News.... I know you are retiring today and and the immediate ideal engagement for you, the right support for the little boy and mental peace for me while I am at my Work would be.......... The Right Role for you from now onwards.... Please prepare yourself.... I am sending the required Papers for you to apply for......." was the sweet voice of the daughter on Phone.... 

"Yes! The Right Activity for me right at this moment.... Subsequent to this or along with this, I try to take up an Advisory Job in my Profession and thus pass on my Learnings in my Job to the youngsters around me.... Beyond this, let me see what else interests me and ultimately I have to close all these activities thru' a God Oriented Attitude which alone safely Sails me out from this life...." was the immediate decision in his mind.... And the sober atmosphere that existed till that moment instantly became Lively and Vibrant at the back of a totally 'New Zeal' to move ahead!