Saturday, November 1, 2014



What else can one call that other than 'True Innocence'..... 

When whatever Name given is gracefully taken,  whatever food given is simply eaten saying, 'Yummy!', which ever language spoken in front is taken as own and whatever habits taught are simply followed without expressing a single doubt on all that....

When the difference between 'Good' and 'Bad' could never be perceived, simply smiles even at the thief who comes to rob own living house….

When the costliest toy was given, not inspired by that contrary to the expectations of others quickly looks around and soon notices the opened Carton Box of the toy lying to a side, instantly fascinated by the size and color of it, happily picks it up and starts waving the same to and fro in air out of an explained joy….

When moved from one Area to an entirely different Area due to family relocation, instantly adapts to the new surroundings and becomes totally happy in seconds….

Whatever said and done by the Parent is simply taken as the True Reference of Living and further to that forms the entire Personality based on that alone without raising a single question / doubt in that direction….


  1. Very sweet face,is he your grandson?

  2. You said it Right.... He is just 3 yrs old.... Thank You very much!

  3. the post is so true.... we as children's are innocent beings just adapt to whatever's given. My dad is a retired government official and i can deeply relate to this when we were moving houses and schools.

  4. Thanks a lot for such a good comment....