Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's never a 'ONETIME' decision!

The man in his late thirties….

“Of late, the life had become average for me….. In the beginning, I thought that my Degree is the best, my Job is the highest paid and I can do many things with those Earnings…. But with time, I noticed a gradual change….. My Job payments have averaged out, the Responsibilities had increased, the Career Growth was not that fast as expected and equally the Inflation Levels touched high with no Proportionate Compensation in Wages…. And thus my Living Level gradually had comedown and settled at an average…. With this back ground, the City life had become costly and making a Home here had really become a dream…. I am thinking of one thing….

I’ll go back to my Native town after my retirement and live my retired life happily in our huge ancestral home…. With the limited incomes, I can easily manage my living in hometown as the Living Costs are quite less there…. Let the children stay in their own areas….Any how, they will have their own choices….

Yes! This is final and is going to be my life time decision; that’s all!”

And that man in his early fifties….

“All of a sudden, I am getting a good price for my ancestral home…. It’s better sell off such a Property and buy whatever accommodation comes in the City for that money…. You see….Over years, I am accustomed to the Customs and Cultures of this environment…. My friends, if I really look at, all are here only…. My children too who are now in their twenties have totally grown up in this environment and never want to go back to our Home town…. They say that this is only their Hometown having lived all these years in this place…. And I too agree with that…. I am thinking of one thing….

I’ll quickly make some deal and buy a medium sized house here with the money I get in disposing off my ancestral Home…. If I go out of the City, cheaper Properties sure will be available…..

Yes! This is final and is going to be my life time decision; that’s all!”

And the same man in his late sixties….

“We are aged now and we cannot live alone unless some one is with us…. The children are at far off places and in case of emergency, it is really difficult to reach them out…. They are often asking us to be with them or nearer to them by ourselves still living independently…. I am thinking of one thing….

I’ll sell off this my house in the City for a good price, keep some extra finances for my retired life and with the remaining money take a small Flat nearer to children’s area…. I think, I’ll be able to do that easily…. Thus we all will be independent but equally would be nearer to each other….

Yes! This is final and is going to be my life time decision; that’s all!”

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