Sunday, November 2, 2014

'Effects' of Taking Life 'Easy'....

###  A man cleaned his house in full and disposed off a huge amount of waste, excess, not useful and a few dangerous items into the Central Community Dustbin, wiped the house with good Cleansing Agent and dried up the floors…. Soon the house was shining with extreme neatness and order with a beautiful Odor of freshness….

In the afternoon after Lunch, he decided to lie down and take rest for a while…. “Let me open the windows so that fresh air comes in!” thinking thus he opened the windows and rested on his bed….

After some time, he started sensing a strange smell in the room which slowly intensified…. Soon, it was a bit unpleasant….

As he was thinking of the reason for the same, he instantly heard some one saying a bit louder outside…. “Aahh! My foot…. It’s bleeding! Damn the man who threw it out and washed off his hands! I don’t know when this waste rotting in this dust bin will be cleared…. It’s there for the past 3 days and is overflowing….. Morning wind had just blown off part of this along with these small, small items on to road and this one straight away got under my foot….”

###  A man had a small (never say small) bad habit of pilfering a few items from the Shop where he worked day and night….

And in time, he became conscious of his own doing….

“If I continuously do this in this way, soon my Owner would come to know about this in some fashion because he too is keeping a watch on me…. So better I switch over to another innovative method of syphoning off these items!”

Thinking thus, he quickly adapted a new method of pilfering for some more time…. Again there was no go and he had to change his method….

Thus the man continued with a few different methods of pilfering over a period of time but finally the Owner too became quite smart and on one fine day straight away caught him red handed…. Finally, the man’s tricks ended forever and he was handed over to the Authorities for necessary action….

He was murmuring in himself aloud, “If only had I thought of an extreme meticulous fool proof plan of lifting the items from the beginning, I would have never ended up like this for a life time!”

A wise man around hearing this, remarked, “If only, had you thought of being honest on your Job from the beginning, you would have sure never ended up like this for a life time!”

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