Saturday, October 18, 2014


The friend was at the doorstep that day morning.

“Are you ready with your bags and your bicycle? Each one of us needs a minimum of 5 bags to receive all the cash we are getting. It’s huge!”

“What’s our next step?”

“After taking our salary, we would straight head to our Food Store and check what is available there. Many Essentials may be missing. May be, we will be able to buy sufficient bread for the Month. Let’s take only those items where the Expiry is not immediate. We should be very cautious here!”

“What about the rest of our money?”

“The rest? Not of much use. They are bundles of cash only and nothing great we get out of that. Now since there is no Bank for us, this balance money will be kept in our homes only!”

“I feel very bad for the situation. When will it improve?”

“God only knows. It’s good that we at least are not starving!"

That evening while returning, we entered a Restaurant and ordered our coffee..

“Let’s have our favorite one coffee for the month now!”

“See! The numbers on the display? They are digital and are moving. What does it mean? Changing very fast and the figures are too big!”

“Oh! You don't know this? The price will change quite a bit from the time we order our coffee to the time we finish it. The latest price displayed had to be payed by us when the bill is prepared. OK! Let's finish our coffee faster. The numbers are jumping a bit fast today and already crossed the limit expected!”

We soon paid a big bill for 2 cups of coffee, came out and headed homewards with bags of cash on our bicycles.

“You know what happened to those 2 people at the end of our Street? One who used to save every pie in the Bank and the other used to drink and accumulate bottles in the backyard of his house. Now, the first man had lost all his money in total as the Bank went bankrupt but the second one got good money for selling his empty bottles. What a strange situation in front of us!”

The dreaded dream was too much and I suddenly woke up sweating profusely with my heart beating very fast.The time was 6 AM with the morning twilight seen in the horizon thru’ the window of my bed room followed by twittering noises of early birds in the sky.

I took some time to come to my senses and feel my surroundings. What a terrifying dream it was?As I turned slowly I saw the book next to my bed and instantly recollected reading about hyperinflation of the times before World War II in a distant country and falling asleep without my own knowledge!

The neighborhood elderly gentleman’s usual high tone voice was heard advising his grown up son,

  • “Now the college is over, do something. Better get into a part time job immediately and start working hard. That experience soon gets you a good job. 

  • Idling is never good in this age. You should be productive because daily you are consuming. No excuse is allowed here to relax and no other magic works for you. And it's always a good practice if feasible try to be in the chain of supply of essentials of life. 
  • I don’t approve your ways of spending away the time aimlessly even for a day. Do whatever Job comes to you with all devotion. You don’t know the safety of that in this World!”
Yes.. Sure a dream to remember forever in our life!

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