Monday, November 10, 2014

'Work Priorities' in no time set right all that 'Simmering Unrest!'!

A casual talk among five Colleagues at a Party that Sunday Evening….

“That place is very much quake prone…. How much tension it is if you know that the earth below can shake at any time? I don’t like such places at all!”

“If you ask me more than quakes, cyclones scare me a lot…. I can’t think of living in such places, we don’t know when the sea can rise and come on to the land followed by high speed winds…. "

“Actually, flooding is the one that haunts me a lot…. I know in some areas, even little rain is enough…. Sheets of water on roads and into the houses…. "

“Actually, extreme hot places are a real problem…. Some places are so hot, dry and dusty in summer, you cannot come out almost for the whole day…. ”

“You mentioned…. More than heat, cold scares me a lot…. When it snows in hilly areas, suddenly so much snow fall completely cutting off all vehicular movements till help reaches or snow melts....”

The next day morning the Brief given by the Boss to the five in his Chamber….

“Gentlemen! A good News for all of us…. Our Company had unveiled its ambitious Plan to expand its Business in five new areas on the Globe where we can establish, tap the potential, create demand and thus build a strong Customer Base in the coming days…. Necessary Permissions to do our Business in these areas have been obtained from the concerned Authorities…. 

Our Chief wants you five Seniors to be assigned with the Preliminary task of spreading our Company’s message among the locals there…. In this context, you have to temporarily relocate yourself to these areas…. It goes a minimum of two years to establish and tap the potential fully.... We will add some more members to the Team in the coming days…. 

You can choose yourselves among these Places but these five places have one or the other extreme weather conditions…. But don’t worry, people are living there for Centuries enjoying the exclusive Benefits which Mother Nature bestows on them liberally which we miss very much…. It's time we too be in communication with Nature by living in these Places for sometime  and this is a Golden Chance in that context....

Please take charge of the things immediately and plan yourself to move to the new Places in a fortnight!

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