Saturday, November 15, 2014

'Gone with the Wind'.... At One Stroke!

It was 1st Oct of the year..

On that day, the young man who was posted on Office Work to the far distant land away from his Native Place for a period of one year landed at the new place.. The next moment he noticed that he was well separated from his dear Home Town through thousands of miles across huge expansive oceans as the typical Homesickness Feeling overtook him.. Yes.. A dreaded feeling, if one truly experiences and that way in no time,  the young man was terribly homesick!  

He found nothing common at the new place to his usual day to day experiences of life.. 

  • The food was different, the taste was different, the items in the market were different, the language was different, people's habits were different, the heat, cold, dust, rain and the weather in general were different.. 

With the distance and cost of travel remaining high and at the back of the continuous work without any hope of getting leave from work, soon it was totally a gloomy situation for him except for the brief periods when a few friends of him were with him.. For a while, he was counseled by his friends and appeared to have recovered to some extent from it.. But something was still bothering him all the time.. Something seriously missing.. 


Towards the Mid October, once the young man happened to visit a nearby Book Store just to spend some time.. There again he noticed that the books too were different except a few countable in number.. The subjects too were different and were never to his taste..

Moving thus as he went to a corner searching a lot for his choice, suddenly his attention was drawn towards something hanging on the wall there.. 

Yes! Finally he could see something exactly 1:1 what he had repeatedly seen, gone through, studied, argued on and was a Master of that for so many years.. 


That single Map suddenly brought a Great Feeling in the young man that he was never away from his Home.. The very Feeling was indeed a Big Boon to him and all of a sudden he found that he was totally freed from his vexed problem persisting till then.. With that Great Recovery feeling, he instantly started seeing a few other common things which he failed to notice till then..

  • 'Yes!  Here, the People too are basically one and the same with the same type of physiques, the same feelings of pleasure and pain and the same expressions and requirements with them..
  • The Nature around is the same with the clouds, waters, air, hills, vegetation around with so many common entities that can never be off from the scene..
  • The weather might have been seen as different, but the words heat, cold, rain, lightening, thunders, wind convey the same known meaning only..

Then THAT VERY MUCH LOVED FAMILIARITY is intact in the New Place if seen in the Right perspective.. Then where is the crippling terrible Home sickness now?'  

That night the young man had a lengthy heart felt conversations with his friends on site and telephonic calls with his near and dear ones at distance and as he was returning to bed for a restful sleep which was a dream till the other day, he noticed himself unknowingly whistling aloud..

The piece of World Map purchased and brought home by the young man with all Reverence and Respect and positioned in his bed room hanging to the wall was silently conveying the Eternal Message of the ever existing 'ONENESS' amidst the countless dividing tendencies with the human beings!


  1. Very nice.The moment we take this as a great opportunity to see life from a new perspective and experience a whole new world that we didn't see before, we can enjoy the difference and life.

    1. Thanks for such a nice Comment you left on these pages...