Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The 'Unpleasantness' around should never force me dilute my 'Responsibility!'

The Head of a family used to act in a particular way and the family members were questioning those actions repeatedly…..

“Why don’t you do in a way that would benefit us a little more? You follow everything to the root and it ultimately takes away even the little benefit we will be getting in the process….To say openly, you are not really helping us in this context!” were their comments.....

“I am not supposed to act in the way you are asking to me do…. If I do that way, finally there will be damage for certain section of individuals….That will take me as well as you no where beyond except temporarily keeping all of us mesmerized for a while…That’s all!" replied the Head....

“But, just because some where, some thing gets affected, why do you straight away deprive us of what we are rightly eligible to get from you?” asked a member a little annoyed….

The Head patted him, smiled and said, “My dear! You are right and I should never deprive you of what all you are supposed to get from me but only in a 'Right Way'…I am stressing the word…'The Right Way!’ This is a tricky word because each individual understands the meaning of the 'Right' in a different way…. But there is an Ascending order in this Understanding and the man of Higher Understanding is supposed to act with that Understanding alone which may look contradictory to the next man…. So, the next man thus may misunderstand him / her, but it is only temporary as ultimately there is good in such doings for every one…. Extending this Philosophy to the greatest point, the Great men of the Highest Understanding even left the family responsibilities in front to Meditate and thus do ‘good’ to the entire Universe and the world carries the Reverend Respects for Them even today….

While concluding the Head said with all firmness, “My dear all!   The Creator is ever watching me doing the required actions from me at a level of my own Understanding of the Truth.... I cannot deviate here and ultimately end up in doing a thankless job in the world and putting up a sorry face in front of the Almighty as I leave the world!”