Thursday, November 13, 2014

The 'Funny Part' of a 'Sophistication' highly acclaimed!

A Service Provider advertised thus…. “Apart from our Sophisticated Systems delivering to you every bit of fineness, we are equally looking at how to address in a dedicated way all the breakdowns and rectification problems that would be coming up with time so that along with the Sophistication, our Customers are very much attended to for timely rectifications of the defects and they are not kept waiting unnecessarily or kept in darkness not knowing when the fault would be rectified….

In this context, we are coming out with an Innovative Plan where in a dedicated Complaint receiving, progressing the rectification work keeping very much the time element in picture and closing the complaint request after the rectification in a systematic way form the key Elements of the Plan!”

The Customers were happy with what all was promised…. Further, to their surprise, they quickly noticed that not only the promise, the practice too was instantly ‘ON’ without a bit deviation from what was promised…. ‘Yes! The Best System with us!’, they thought….

That day, when a Customer had a breakdown in his System, he immediately took his phone and by dialing an easily remembered number, a single ring guided him in no time, thru’ the whole process of booking the Complaint with a polite ‘Thank You’ in the end…. As the man very much waited for a faster rectification, to his own surprise in an hr’s time, the System was back to normal…. The man was truly thrilled….

Two days passed…. On the third day again there was a break down and he quickly registered his Complaint….

In an hr’s time, a Message was there on his Phone and in his Mail box…. ”Your complaint is registered…. The Reference No is (very long number)…….. The Status is …’Work is in Progress!’”

He was very happy and for a while, whenever he rang up to know what had happened, The Message repeated…. And the problem too continued….

The same day evening, another Message was received on his Phone and in his Mail box…. “Your Complaint has been assigned to Mr……. and our Service Man will do the needful…. Please relax!”

The problem continued the next day too and the Message repeated whenever he rang up to know the status….

On the third day, a new Message was there with him…. ‘The Service Man had noted the defect in the System which can be rectified from our end itself…. Please relax and your System will soon be alright….”

The same day evening, the new Message received was…. “The defect against your Complaint No……… is rectified and the Complaint is closed…. Your System works without a problem now!”

He was about take the matter to the concerned Official when a new Message was received on his Phone and in his Mail box….”Your Complaint is registered…. The Reference No is ….. ….The Status is…. Work is in Progress!”

(If you read carefully, the funny part of the whole process can be seen in no time as the entire ‘Messaging Process’ was lagging behind by three days, without reference to when the ‘Rectification’ was done and in that urgency, the long ‘Reference Numbers’ could truly be not referred…. And the second Rectification here needed more time!)

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