Sunday, December 28, 2014


Dear my Indiblogger Friends,

The Philosophy of Life says.... 'aascharyo Vaktah aascharyo shrotah....' meaning '( In this world) the Speaker is a wonder; the Listener (equally) is a wonder....'

When contemplated on this, we can definitely conclude that a Blogger every time carries a Unique Message with him / her very much eager to convey to the World at any cost and that is truly a wonder as per our Sacred Books.... And equally attached to a Blogger are there a Group of Followers who are again interested to listen and understand that onetime Message.... Thus continues forever, the Sacred Blogger-Follower Relationship in this world!

Seen in this way, it ever becomes a Duty of every Blogger never to stop to speak out or pen down what is seen as a one time inspiration within....

As he / she speaks out thus, there is a few times an equal censorship imposed on the same from the external world from another angle where predominantly an opposition to that very Expression is seen backed by certain Earthly Powers...

Here alone lies the true strength and determination of a Blogger on how he / she fearlessly expresses the 'RIGHT' to the world and thus frees himself / herself from the strong urge within to bring out the exact requirement the World expects at that point of time....

I am happy that I am in Association with many such famous and well known Bloggers much much younger to me and here, I too promise to continue contributing my humble bit as per the very urge in me to Speak out on the Life Aspects and the Higher Purpose of this Great One Life given to us by the Almighty....

I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt Thanks to all my Indiblogger Friends for showing their keen interest and continuous patronage to my Writings and Postings on Indivine....

One small info here.... Of late, as the number of Members in my Network had gone up, I thought of bringing out some of my old Articles posted on Indivine long time back by editing and modifying the content and thus present them again on Indivine with a more meaningful Message as otherwise I will not be able bring out those topics of inspiration to the newly formed Network Community.... I hope this is quite acceptable to all and further is in order in respect of the Rules and Regulations of posting on Indivine....

Any Suggestions and Comments in this context are highly welcome...

Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!


Friday, December 26, 2014

The 'REAL PROBLEM' in life!

"No doubt it's a problem with me.... But I don't want some one to talk about it!" was the concern of the man initially.....

"Why every one is so much bothered about my this problem alone? They should mind their work!" were the comments from him after a while.....

"If I try to open the topic a bit, people are ready to know the details.... I should ever be extra careful all along...." were his subsequent thoughts....

"Yesterday, a similar incident was there.... People were waiting whether I would come out by mistake.... I know all that and that's why I was extremely careful all along and avoided every trap...." were his words later to that....

"This is totally my personal issue.... Who is some one to talk on this?" was his question next to that....

"Yesterday, I nicely gave back.... The man who got from me hereafter would think twice before touching the sensitive subject...." was his firmed up attitude after sometime....

"It appears, none has any other work here.... Always waiting to hear if I come out with anything...." was his evaluation further in time....

"This is too much.... I am getting the phone calls from abroad and the man after a little general enquiry, immediately touches the subject.... He does not know that he is wasting his precious time and paying heavily the call charges involved just to talk on this.... How mean people are!" were the words of contempt subsequently....

"The elders around have no work....They forever think, that I should have listened to them and come to their track.... Nothing doing.... My issue is my issue...Who are these so called wise people suddenly in front?" were the words of bitter criticism from him next to that....

"I am fed up of being so alert.... I decided to give back... If some one talks on my problem, I'll open his history... He has to run away from me...They need such treatment.... Else always ready to poke!" were the ugly words of never ending hatred from him ultimately!

A Wise man seeing all that mused in himself.... "What a great mistake this man had done and is doing forever? Instead of bringing out the best in him by making use of his time and energies efficiently and try to resolve the issue in front as much as possible, he had constantly diverted that time and energy initially to observe and make a note and subsequently towards murmuring, criticizing, pointing out and finally hating people.... He thus added a greater issue to his already existing problem by degenerating his Own Personality in front of others and ultimately in the Eyes of the Almighty Who forever treats 'ALL' under His Umbrella as 'ONE' and 'ONE' alone!"

Monday, December 22, 2014


"Sir! I need the Best Advice from you.... I understand, you are the right person to give that because of your age and maturity in life.... The problem here is.... You know that friend of mine.... It is really shameful to call him my friend.... He is such a mean personality and a man of interfering type!  What had happened is.... Last Week.........."
"Dear! You said it right and such type of personalities have to kept under constant check.... My sincere advice in this case is.........."

"Yes! Sir! I need that very much.... 2 days back, he rang up to me and said............. I instantly became so angry and I wanted to.........."

"You said it, dear! Such people always behave like that and there is a sure way of keeping them at bay without much effort.... What I wanted to advise is.........."

"And later I came to know that he had some plans of going to the extent of........"

"I understand.... People of that nature would be ready for any thing...... There is a permanent solution for such behaviors.... My right advice in this case......."

"It seems because he had a problem in respect of........ and as he was already troubled by that beyond..........."

"Whatever be the problems, he has no right to interfere with your personal life.... I say, take my advice in these matters which once for all..........."

"And that problem is because, he suffered certain loss in one of his......."

"I tell you, such people are for anything.... Who do not have problems in life? A certain discipline is must.......... My honest advice here is........."

"When some one said that, it just touched me for a while.... Is he really disturbed beyond because of such a big failure........?

"I tell you, dear! Your man appears to be not a straightforward personality..... He needs a lesson.... Take my this advice and.........."

"I am feeling sad.... Even any one who faces problems like that one after another, naturally will become wild and...."

"See, man! This your so called friend appears to be a mean and characterless person.... How can he do all this to a close friend like you? Such people should never be left out.... My advice here straight away says......"

"OK! Let me leave the matter, Sir! After all he is a close friend of mine and he behaved like that because of multiple problems with him at a time.... If I don't forgive him now, who else will do that? And if I don't do it now, what type of friend I am in the first instance? Let me forget all this and see if I can help him a little in his problems.... The Almighty sure expects me do this much in the present circumstances..... I decided, I'll talk to him tonight and......."


Sunday, December 21, 2014


Two men were together for a while with a 5 Point Formula with them....

Produce the consumed or equivalent to that,
Earn sufficiently to lead a decent life,
Allow forever the Right Actions alone,
Control spending and
Exist thus eternally!

The word 'PEACE' was very much there in the Proposal itself!

Both were in total agreement with 4 points but the 3rd one was not accepted in total by the second man....

"It's equally an important point and a few times more than the rest.... This man never concurs on that.... I can't change him here but at the same time I cannot take him into confidence and truly call him as my friend.... Let me see for a while!" were the thoughts and perceptions of the first man at the back of day to day interactions....

"I agree here for this man's 4 points a hundred percent but in respect of the third one.... I wish to differ.... I've seen people, in the name of Righteous Conduct, living a life not worth mentioning.... Not able to expand and do the best in life.... No doubt, broadly I have to follow the Right and do the Right.... But once in a way or in circumstances where it is seen very much as normal not making an impact at all, it is foolish there too to follow the Right.... It's equally waste of time and energies to go into minute details there.... What I get extra here is going out somewhere else... Let me just balance the plus and minus thus.... I cannot change this man but I never want to be a fool in life... Instead, I want to be living the life of a practical man...." were the thoughts and perceptions of the second man....

Days passed quickly into months and soon into years....

Yes! The Power of Right forever kept the first man humble, simple and stable and he was totally a man of
'PEACE' in life!

But for the second man the Ever Green Message

Little wrong multiplied in time quickly
okays the same seeing the disproportionate returns and may try to
Settle as the way of life but sooner or later is
Totally zeroed down leading to the ultimate fall with no way of escape in front....

i.e finally 'LOST' in life too was there in the Proposal itself which the second man did not care even a bit to look at!

Thus quickly followed the sure steps of the 'Great Fall' starting at the back of a sweet beginning....

"This is no great wrong…. It's just the way of life…."
Subsequently, when the extras were seen….
"This is the actual life! Without all these, this life is really meaningless…."

Later, when the extras started asserting….
"Now you see, how things around you move and glow! What is the use of all those Principles?" 
In few years, when the same firmed up, the single aim was….
"Let me live like a King!"
After living thus for some years and gone too much in that direction, the then thoughts were....
"How can I leave all this? Forget about wrong and all that stuff…. Let me first make use of......."

And finally on the day when cornered squarely for all the Wrongs done….

“Oh my God, what will happen now? What is the way out for me? Now no Money, no Influence, no Power seems to Work…. I am squarely caught in a vicious circle! Why did I at all enter this unethical path? Even Gods will not forgive me now…. My own people who were so close earlier, now feel that I am only the cause for their suffering…. The honest man who was off from this track from the beginning is today with all Peace, Happiness and Contentment in his life and carries his own Respect in the society.... He thus achieved the Ultimate in his life where as at one stroke, I lost everything in my life!"  

He was thus totally a 'LOST' man in his life!

Friday, December 19, 2014

'Experience' alone Speaks thus!

The young man at the back of a good Qualification got into his first Employment.... On a day, his Boss called him and said, “I expect you work a little extra and finish your jobs in time!” 

The young man replied with all obedience, "Sir! My dad told me that I should listen to the Boss with all attention, take Orders from him, do a good work.... I will just follow what you say!"

Thus the young man started working more hrs on his job and soon earned a good name as a highly industrious person.... A few years passed and soon he was promoted to a higher Responsibility....

His new Boss said, “Here you are a Senior Member of our Organization at the back of a good Work Experience.... You have to Perform else it is difficult to survive in this Environment!”

The young man silently nodded his head conveying the message that he understood his responsibility and further started working with that Tempo....

Again, a few years rolled by.... The young man was then the man of mid thirties and got his next Promotion as the Group Head.... He was all along showing excellent performance on his job through timely deliveries when suddenly one day his Boss said in a firm tone, “I find your Group members not updating their skills on a regular basis and you are not motivating them properly in that context.... We cannot survive for long with this attitude a midst the tough competition around us!”

The man felt bad at these comments and replied, "Sir! According to my assessment, they are delivering the required in time.... Updating the skills can wait for the time being!" The Boss looked at him and kept quite....

He thus earned good reputation as Group Head and was soon promoted as Team Lead on a new Assignment and was busy motivating his Sub-ordinates and exposing them to the latest skills required in their jobs.... Years rolled on and the man entered mid forties....

One day the Boss said, "As a Team Lead, you have not yet taken the responsibility of a True Leader!"

The man felt bad and the next day tendered his resignation saying, "May be I am not in the Right Place!"

His experience was no less and in few days he got his Appointment as the Division Head of a blue-chip Company.... Soon, he earned the name of the best Leader at Work in the new Company and was doing a wonderful job....

His Boss called him one day and said, “My dear! You are now In-Charge at Divisional Level but this year Sales from your Division have not grown in Volumes the way the Top Management expected.... I don’t know what to say….”

The seasoned Executive just interrupted him and said, “Sorry, this is my resignation.... You may search for a better person in my Place....”

He thus got away from his second Company but in no time got appointed as one of the Corporate Executives of another Company.... All was fine and a year passed…. And the determined man could bring the best possible profits for his new Company through increased sales….

One evening at a small meet, his Boss coolly told him, “I am sorry, dear! We wanted to retain you by all means.... But there is slump in the Market and the demand for our Products is temporarily down.... Presently, our Order book for the next year is thin.... Yesterday, it was decided in the Board Meeting....... The Company's finances can no more retain talent..........”

The man interrupted him with a smile and said, “Forget all this! I wanted to tell you equally an important thing from my side and I feel this is the right time for that…. Shortly, I am going for my own Company and there, I have a Requirement at the Top Level.... Are you interested? I just want to see my Company come up and perform the best.... And salary wise.... Here, there is no limit....... ”

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The boy of 14 yrs just missed the last 2 classes to witness a Football Match with his friend which he very well knew that if his Mom came to know about that, she would question him beyond.... The friend too knew that very well.... Further to that incident, the boy was psychologically under certain pressure not to displease his friend for some time….

He was soon into the College and one day he went to the newly released favorite movie without informing at home…. There was certain tension in him when he met one of his neighborhood boys in the Theater who greeted him…. Subsequent to that the then grownup boy started smiling and greeting the neighbor and befriended him in the greater interest that the new friend would not disclose at home his visit to the Theater ….

He was soon an young man of 25 yrs straight away  moved to a good job…. In some time, there were a few tense moments at Work as the Boss commented on him beyond and he in turn confided his displeasure to a Colleague by criticizing the Boss beyond…. Subsequent to that, the young man was under under pressure for a while to be extra soft with the Colleague so that he would not convey those very words to the Boss….

It was a serious interaction with the Customer Rep when the matured man cum Manager of 40s was squarely put under pressure by the Customer to accept a few of his unreasonable demands…. When the Manager just showed a little resistance, the Customer remarked, “I know how you people actually Work and Produce our items for which our Company is paying a high price….Do you want me………….?” Instantly as a Manager, he was under pressure to bowdown as he knew very well the mistake from his side….

Soon he was the Senior Executive of his Division…. There was a tiff with his Big Boss one day for which the Big Man instantly got into a disciplinary action mode on comparatively a smaller issue which he knowingly allowed earlier…. In no time, the Senior Executive was under great pressure to say sorry to the Top Man and thus comeback to the safe level of operation…..

Finally, one day the man touched 60 and retired.... The next day as he was relaxing at Home, the telephone rang up…. “Hi! Dear! How are you doing?.................  Yaar! There is some bad News for few of us who bought the Real Estate Property in……… It seems, a few Papers are not authentic and there is some Litigation coming up…. I wish to say.... We are under Pressure at this moment.... And we should set right one mistake which we knowingly allowed while going for this Property…. Don’t worry, we will personally meet the Big Man whom we questioned a little more earlier and will please him…………… It seems, that’s the only way here….. Let’s come to some attention now…..Tomorrow, I am sending you the required Documents…….”

The Old man finally got exhausted of being under constant pressure to bow down to others throughout his life! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

The 'Sacred Golden Path!'

A man of mid thirties was too ambitious beyond the limits.... Often, he used to discuss with people around and ascertain in his talk that earning a ‘big money’ for the self and family would ultimately be the only way to be happy in life.... Naturally, that much ‘big money’ would come only when one treads a different path of earning not bothering too much for Ethics in life….

“This is equally required in today’s world…. Else life has no meaning at all….You and your people would suffer, progress comes to a halt and there would be shortages everywhere…. Finally one would become a frog in the well and should forcibly satisfy himself / herself that his / her whole world is only that! What’s the use of such a life? I have one life and let me live that the best!” he used to assert all the time and was very much in that thinking….

At that time, one night he had a strange dream with him in which he experienced himself as a bunch of Sugarcane Plantations in a corner of huge Sugarcane Field thus identifying himself with a cluster of Sugarcane Plants....

At midnight, as he was relaxing in field happily tossing to and forward with the gentle breeze blowing over, he could hear a soft talk nearer a midst the Plantations....

“Don’t make any sounds…. It appears the Watchman is on his rounds…. Let’s hide for the present behind this thick Bunch of Crop….”

Soon the Watchman foot steps were heard coming nearer but retreating slowly after a while….

“Aah! He had gone…. He won’t be around here for another 2 hrs…. Let’s start our work….. Hey! Look at this Bunch…. Have you seen this closely? I never saw such a huge Sugarcane Plantations…. We are really lucky…. Let’s just take only this one Bunch with us and that’s enough…. It really sells for a big price in the Market…. We need not go round the field at all….What do you say?”

“You said it right…. This Cluster of Plantation looks too huge…. If we sell this in the Big Market, we straight away get ……… Rupees and that’s sure a fortune for us.….

“Actually, we should ask something more…. See, after all the juice is taken out, the left out Scrap too has a sizable value because of its high Calorific Value…. In this case, this Cluster is too big…. Let’s add that price too….”

“Yes! You reminded me that extra…. Good…. Today is our lucky day (night)…. Let’s now cut this, pack and take with us…. We can do this in just an hr’s time and we will be out from here at 2 AM by which time the Watchman may come back…. I’ll go and quickly get the sickle I left in the other corner…. You wait here!”

The dream was too much for the man…. Shivering out of fear, he suddenly woke up sweating all over and slowly noticed that he was quite safe in his own House and the whole Episode was just a dream!

No need to say….. The next moment, the man was in total ruptures….

"My fate too would be the same like the bunch of fat Sugarcane Crop in the end if I neglect now, become greedy and start earning monies with both hands never caring for Ethics of life which constantly stress upon the honest way of Earning and Giving in Charity apart from using the monies for decent living, growth and development of myself and my family…. Thank God, the dream had truly opened my eyes and made me firm up not get into this wrong mode of living…. If I embrace an Ethical life, ultimately I may have only few riches which are very much required as backup but beside such monies, good people with good heart alone will be around who forever will have respect for me and for my monies and be ever ready to do only the ‘Right’ in that context!”

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Here, 'SELF CONTROL' alone is the 'WAY!'

In a big joint family, the ever wise Head of the family used put certain restrictions on the day to day activities of the grown-up Members of the family advising them repeatedly to be in the ‘Right Path'.... The Members were agitated a bit with those restrictions by the Elderly man and one day all of them together asked him the justification in doing all that…. 

The Head said firmly, “My dear! You know that there is fire in this house and you equally know that it is very much useful to us if we use it carefully but causes damage and destruction if we are careless in that…Similar to this, if Truth is missing in our actions filled with too many pleasures of life, that situation soon brings misery and pain to every one around us!”

“But we are grown up and we know what is Right and what is Wrong.... Why are you advising us on what is already known to us? It is really ridiculous!” said a member with a bit of impatience and frustration….

The Elderly smiled and said, “It is not that simple, dear! I’ll explain…. Any action of ours involving 'Pleasure' invariably produces a negative effect in this Universe and this can never be compensated subsequently through any other action from us except bringing out some solace to the affected…. Contrary to this, actions of ours involving  'Welfare' do not carry this negative entity but produce an ultimate balancing effect around for betterment…. And here alone lies the trick of leading a good life!

The Great Men of the world had seen this effect in depth and thus constantly advised us the mortals having our own needs, to restrict the pleasures to a certain extent allowing limited numbers in a streamlined way and simultaneously encouraged us do the welfare activities around as much as possible.... Of course, these Great Men almost freed themselves from the earthly needs except for Traces, allowed them freely 'OUT' for the inevitable good to the world through Proclamations and minimal Actions…. No doubt we the ordinary humans, are far, far away from this Level and thus the Ordained duties with us which invariably bring good for all of us are attached to our living restricting the energy flow in the direction of pleasures.... 

In this context, the young and more energetic but directionless are ever kept under the vigil of the wise learned and experienced who can guide them for their own betterment and for the betterment of the society at large…. And here, if you permit me to say I am exactly doing my part of that duty with all honesty and you..... if you understand truly all this background should allow me to play my this Role effectively!”

To confirm on what the Elderly said, Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Sloka 64 was heard in low tone being recited on the distant loud speakers with the meaning explained by the side....

raga dvesa vimuktais tu visayan indriyais caran
atma vasyairvidheyatma prasadam adhigacchati

'The self controlled man who follows the vedic injunctions while living amidst the objects of senses, freed (to the extent possible) from attachment and aversion, with senses under  a definite restraint will attain the ultimate peace!'