Friday, January 30, 2015

With 'BOSS' the story is One; with 'FRIENDS'.... Another!

“Sir! You are really very special for all of us…. We had learnt many things from you all these years.... I still remember the day I joined under you.........." 
  • "How can I forget this man's preachings all these years?  He is forever too funny…. He thinks he is great…. Today morning, I indirectly told him how he works in his Office...."
"OK! Sir.... I understand that…. I am at your Service…. Please tell me what you want and I'll do that…."
  • "Who wants to work for this man? I'll just do my job and get fact, today, I told him that indirectly!"
"No…No…. Sir! I did that right…. You know.... That famous my Colleague only spoiled it…. I have ample proof for that…. What happened is....…. "
  • "I’ll do what I want…. Let it go wrong…. I can always correct it…. Why should and how can I do the right in the first instance itself?"
"Yes, Sir!… I am coming to that point only…. Morning as soon as I came to Office, I started doing........  In fact, the moment you ordered me yesterday.....…."
  • "He thinks that I'll give out every detail…. Never…. Today morning, I openly told that on his face and......"
"Sir! I request you not to listen to all this…. All these days, I am just doing my work.......…."
  • "I am not going to request him anything…. I’ll do what I like here…. I'm too a Boss in my area!"
"Sir…. I agree 100%…. I am sorry…. No…. No.... It will not happen again, I promise!"
  • "This man thinks that I promise like a school kid and agree to what all nonsense he says.…It is my wish…. First of all tell me, how is he correct here? I blurted that out…. You should see his face when I said that............"
"This moment I'm on the job…. I'll talk to that gentleman…. I'll do, Sir…. and I know…. I’ll report the progress by evening…. "
  • "I am just sitting in my seat…. Let it be any one.... They should come to me…. I'll not go to their seats any more…. I clearly told this to him today.... For a while, he was really helpless!"
"Today, I am sitting on this job and am going home only when I complete…..... I promise.... This time, we are going to get the results......... Sir! Don’t say all that…. I told you I am with you one hundred percent.... I am sure you understand me............"
  • "I'll relax and do what's possible and let him only struggle for the result…. Enough is enough.… I'll try to go away in time, today.... If not this job, another one.... Who will work with such a man? If I make a sincere trial, I'm sure I'll get.…. After all I have so many years of experience!"

Friday, January 23, 2015


The mother was unhappy…. The two and half yr old Little One was not listening to her…..

“Eat that food” she ordered…. The child with a smile on his face took the food near to his mouth and threw it down…..

She was annoyed….

“Unless you eat, I will not buy you your toy I promised to get tomorrow evening....” she showed her resentment….

The child did not listen to her…. “Let’s go to the Playground now” she said and took him there…. All the while, she kept total silence….

At play, as usual many children were around and the kid was left with them.... Within half hr, there was a scuffle and a complaint came up that the little boy troubled another kid of the same age….

The mother became furious, instantly cut down the play time and brought the child back home.... “Hereafter, I am not going to take you anywhere and I will not buy you anything….Go and do what you want!" she with all firmness passed on her decision and kept quite….

The child looked here and there but the mother never yielded.... His only reference was his mother and when she thus became tough, for a while he pretended bravely that he could put up….That was the limit, soon it resulted in a big cry and subsequently comforted by his mother, he slept off in no time….

The next day being a Holiday, the family was on its usual Outing in the Evening.... On the way, the kid was looking at all his Play Items in the Shops, his favorite Eating Place and the Fun Center for Kids…. He was closely but silently following the mother with a fear that if he would ask her anything, she might cut him off further…. It was thus about an half hr out...

Suddenly, there was a broad smile on the mother's face.... That lighted instantly a 1000 Watt bulb on the face of the child...That's all....

The kid returned home with so much happiness of his life, fully satisfied with the Evening he spent having great Excitement and ample fun and was eagerly looking at and trying to play with all that he purchased and brought home…. The mother was behind him with her own sweet questions....

“Dear! How was your favorite drink at the Eatery?”

“How was the Play at ‘Snakes and Ladders?’

“We bought you a new bicycle from the Store…. Do you like it?"

“Do you like the new Aeroplane bought in your Toy shop? Will you show it to your friends tomorrow?"

“Do you like your Mommy?”

"So…You will listen to me....You will eat all the healthy food I give you daily…. And when you play with your friends, you will never hurt them but keep friendship…. Do you promise this?”

The child with a big smile nodded his head for everything the Mom had asked and hugged his mother tight…. The mother took him and comforted him and in no time the little one went into blissful sleep in the lap of his mother with her love eternally spread on him!

God was in all smiles from above....

'That's why I created the Mother on the Earth.... Whatever said and done and whatever be the actions/reactions, the Ever Single Aim in this Bonded Relation is an ultimate betterment, refinement, learning, growing, improving and thus become useful in life and no other interest can have a place here at any point of time in One's life!'

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It's a pleasure to say thru' these pages that I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring blogger Award by Sri Arora and I thank him for the same and I try my best to meet the expectations of him as well as of other renowned Bloggers if not directly.

As I learned thru his Blog Post, I understand that I should speak 7 points on myself and should nominate 15 other Bloggers from my Network for the Nomination of the same Award.

Here I would present humbly what I am outside and within myself to the best of my knowledge thru' all these years of my life.
  1. I worked and retired as Aircraft Designer from M/s HAL, Bangalore with a Service of 38 yrs in the Organisation.
  2. My family comprises of myself, my wife, a son and two daughters plus the extended family members.
  3. I visited many places on the Globe and traveled extensively in USA and thus familiarized myself with the different Societies and Cultures around us.
  4. As on date I have posted more than 900 Articles in my Blog, some of them need editing and I am continuously doing that in my left out time after completion of my basic works.
  5. My Topics mainly cover Practical Philosophy of life in our day to day activities seen from different angles of living.
  6. I strongly believe that my Salvation ever lies in discharging my duties with me defined by the Sacred System around wherein the welfare of the related people is very much stressed upon.
  7. The last point which I constantly think of in my life is.... Life has  its own beauty as well as turbulence as it comes up to me and I have to necessarily live thru' this....  Here having a discipline of constantly doing good around thru' my work at the back of a firm Faith in Almighty alone appears to be my job at this moment as I live thru' this life.... Rest is purely is His Will alone!
At the back of this intuition in me, my Blog 'Reflecting on Life' often Speaks!

I hereby nominate 15 Blogs of Stalwart Bloggers in the field whose great intuition of blogging is so much evident through their day to day Postings on Indivine and other prominent Blog Areas....
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I congratulate all of you above Bloggers and to say openly 15 numbers is really very much limited in this scenario since there are equally well known Bloggers beyond my Network of mutual connections wherein I am simply limited to assess.... I request the nominated Bloggers to follow the Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules as follows:
  • Display the Award on your Blog....
  • Notify back to the Blogger who nominated you....
  • Say 7 points about you....
  • Nominate 15 Bloggers for the Award, link them and inform them about the nominations....
Sincerely Yours


Saturday, January 17, 2015


The day was too tiresome and the time was 3 PM. The weather was hot, little cloudy and sultry. At 60, it was my usual time of returning home after completion of small works for the day as at that time the buses usually would be less crowded.

Suddenly the sky was overcast with thick black clouds and in no time the brightness around was down. Soon a strong wind and rain started lashing and I quickly got into my bus which arrived in time. As I got in, I just glanced around and instantly noticed that the bus was full of young boys and girls returning from their schools and colleges.

I quickly sat in my window seat offered by a chivalrous boy who was in that seat next to another elderly man and decided to dry myself. But the rain had no consideration for me to do all that and in no time started hitting the glass panes left and right, the sound had increased quickly and soon gone beyond..

All boys and girls instantly downed the glass shutters to avoid the rain hitting them and it was quiet for a while except for their usual bustle and care free expressions!

As I looked out thru' the glass pane of my window seat, I saw the glass pane slowly becoming hazy with mist and with the outside visibility vanishing in no time. 3 PM time just looked like 6 PM!

The rain increased, the road was deserted and the bus was ploughing through the rain waters with somewhat a lesser speed. Soon, the lightening and thunder added to the confusion followed by blinding lights and roaring sounds. For a while, it was a total let down of the situation as Nature was 'all' into it.

As I wanted to see my instant location on road, I simply rubbed on the inside of my window to look out.

Oh.. That is all!

No sooner I did that, the boys and girls around were simply excited and thrilled.

  • All sitting in front, behind, the other side and some at a distance behind me started rubbing with their fingers and hands on the glass panes vigorously. 
  • It was a one time activity by many sitting around, those standing near commenting on their attempts and guiding them; all of a sudden such a great bustling and jovial atmosphere around.. 
  • And the weather and fog inside covered up their rubbings in no time!
It was a great fun for a while.. Write something; it soon goes away!
  • One had written his name on the glass pane and it vanished slowly.. 
  • One wrote what the teacher taught him for the day and observed the same beautifully going off.. 
  • One girl drew the figure of rose on her side window and added rain around.. 
  • One boy wrote his friend's name I suppose; but another by the side seeing me observing signaled to him to rub it off and he quickly did that.. 
  • A young college student who appeared to be studious wrote a simple Maths equation on the pane and the equation merged with the Nature slowly.. 
  • A cute little girl in front of me next to the window beautifully rubbed her nose itself on the glass pane! 
The fun thus went on, seemed endless but as I looked out, I noticed that the rain started coming down with huge volumes of waters gushing on the road below the wheels of bus. And the bus slowly moved on thus and came to the final destination!

All of us got down from the bus..
  • The boys ran scattered in groups jumping in the gushing waters, making themselves dirty but never stopped playing and throwing waters all round. They thus moved towards their homes and slowly vanished from the scene.. 
  • The girls got down from the bus, neatly walked out of waters and further walked down the lane heading their homes..
As I started walking towards my home, I noticed that all the bustle, fun, ingenuity and excitement were no more around me and I was left as usual with my own loneliness and life of my age..

The Nature around me too was calm.. A few birds started chirruping and all that thunder, lightening, hitting rain and gushing waters slowly receded along with the vanishing acts of young boys and girls..

Suddenly, I felt a unique sensation at my heart..

The Nature and people around are One; as the Nature roars, they too jump and as the roar in Nature calms down, they equally calm down busying themselves in their own activities!

What a jovial coincidence! Can there be another such enjoyable scene I would ever experience in my life?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thank God! I am back Home....

I was out of home in the early morning hrs in my car, pushed through traffic the travel of 1 hr and reached my destination called the Office.... All along I was constantly put a single question.... 'Why are you coming in my way?'

It was of much more push and pull by the people around in my Office....The Power behind forever uttered only 2 sentences... If I became aggressive a little, it was.... 'Who are you to suggest to me?'  If I became submissive, that tempo turned into questioning.... 'When can you give that?'

I went out for a Special Lunch with my Colleagues…. For a while I ate something which was very aromatic on the face of it but in the middle there was a feeling.... 'Is this required?' and in the end it got firmed up to the level of regret of eating totally the wrong.... All the while the single aim around was just.... 'What more can be thrust on these people?''

I went to a costly Shop in the Mall to buy some specific items after my Work in the evening.... There, an argument ensued on the quality and price and I was straight away pointed out thru' the hidden meaning.... 'Being educated, how can you talk so foolishly?'

Oh! I forgot.... I promised my friend the same day only to join for our favorite Movie.... He rang up and soon we were in our favorite Theater for the Evening Show.... Half hr passed.... And there, I quickly found myself in a strange situation.... Am I really relaxing or getting fed up with the tasteless entertainment thrust on me under the cover of a cool environment, varieties of delicacies and posh surroundings totally silencing me towards the point....'Which way can you protest now?'

After the Movie, we were back home but all of a sudden partial curfew was imposed in our area that night.... We were straight away questioned on the road....  'Where are you from?' and further were advised to return home the earliest....

Thus, everywhere I was surrounded by....

Questions…. Questions…. And Questions alone.... Which forever sure pinched my heart at depth....

Finally I reached the Sacred Place called 'My Home'…. Oh! Instantly, the atmosphere here was....

No questions.... No questions.... And No questions at all.... Instead, the gestures for ever are,

'You are welcome!'
'You are our man!'
'You can get it at your own ease!'
'You have the best!'
'We will get you what you want!'
'We are with you; no worry!'
'You are coming from outside too tired; Relax and rest for a while!'

And if at all a few questions were aimed at, they forever are just to correct me only for my ultimate betterment.....

If anything like Order and Love is to be seen in the world, it is only here..... At my Home.... My Sweet Home.... For a life time!  The 'Replica' of Heaven on the Earth.... Whatever said and done, Thank God, ultimately for me, it felt good to be back Home!


Long back, around 40 years ago when telephones were rare in the country and plastic was unknown in food industry, a young man on his Official tour took his aged mother along with him to show the Temples of Pilgrimage importance around the place of his visit...

The son with his mother checked into a Hotel in the early morning hrs for the stay in the new place.... After readying himself, the son told his mother that he would finish his Office work quickly and would come back by lunch time so that they after their lunch, could go around the place seeing the important Temples in that area.... The mother agreed and the son left for his Work....

But his Office work continued and the son could not make it for lunch.... When it was nearing lunch hr, he quickly got a good hot lunch packed in steel boxes and sent it to his mother through one of his Attendants and asked him to wait till she finished her lunch so that he could bring back the empty boxes.... The Attendant being a local had a difficulty of communicating to the young man's mother as their languages were different and the common language English was unknown to the aged mother and so the son sent a chit through him along with the food asking her to finish the lunch and send back the boxes.... Further to that, he quickly finished his lunch along with his colleagues and was soon back on his job....

Strangely, after an hour the Attendant brought back all the lunch boxes intact.... The son got wondered and could not understand the reason of that.... The Attendant informed him that he handed over the food and the chit to his mother and collected the boxes when she returned them to him.... And the son too immediately could not communicate to his mother as he had to rush for his work....

He finished his work by evening, quickly came back to hotel and was about to enquire his mother why she sent back the lunch boxes intact but as soon as he returned the mother asked, "Dear! Did you eat your food?"

The son replied, "Yes! Mom.... But what happened to you? Why did you not eat anything at all of the meal I sent to you?”

The mother simply showed the chit he had sent along with the lunch boxes.... It was written on that, "You eat and send back the boxes..... I will eat here for today....”

The son immediately could not understand the confusion..... The mother clarified, “You said that you would be eating part of this food after I finish and send it to you....”

The son having got the point, laughed aloud and said, "Then at least, you could have eaten half of it and sent back the remaining.... Why did you not take anything at all?"

The mother smiled and said, “Dear! You will be very hungry and I know your hunger.... Part of that food is never enough for you.... How can I ever think of doing that for you in my life?”

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 'Unique Gift' from God!

..... He was really not an Expert in the field but the problem with him was that he thought and further believed beyond that he was so.... And to confirm the same, he had put up around him all the machinery required to express thus like wearing an attire to suit the image of the Expert, behaving like an Expert, talking in line with the Expertise etc... Further, he made it a point to move around in Circles where the Expertise was expressed the best…. And at the back of all those elements, he became authoritative too indirectly…. His Expertise was well advertised, many were requested to experience it and comment without fail.... 

Some kept quiet to avoid confrontation, some praised to avoid ill feelings and only a few were mustering the courage to say openly that he was not up to the mark....

There was a wise known elderly among those few and that gentleman finally decided to correct the man in a novel way.... On a fine day, he met the so called Expert and after a brief enquiry straight away said, "Dear, since many days, I wanted to tell you this interesting story.... Hope you don't mind listening to me at this point of time...."

The man got astonished with the talk but instantly nodded his head for the elderly man to go ahead....

The wise man continued, "Long ago when English language was not that much popular, a young man visited his brother and his family residing in a distant city where the local language spoken was different and he was knowing only a little of it….

On one of the days of his stay there, he happened to be in conversation with his 8 year old niece along with the neighbor’s child of the same age.... He tried asking the neighbor's child in local language whether she had finished her lunch.... But his knowledge of local language was so bad that he could not go beyond.... The other child did not understand what he had asked and was in a fix to answer.... Meanwhile, the niece found out that from him in their own mother tongue, instantly communicated with her friend in local language with all ease and got the reply in no time....

Here, that job of communicating in local language was the toughest for the young man but was nothing for the child as that was so natural for her.... That's how an Expertise is expressed by me and it forever comes out with such an ease in a natural way with almost nil effort from me at the back of a 'Unique Intelligence' of my own given to me by the Almighty.... Not respecting that Originality, if I start expressing with a built up support around, it indirectly means that I am only struggling to show up as an Expert thus deceiving myself and others in the process…. Instead, it is ever the wisdom to simply say in such situations, ‘Sorry! This is all Greek and Latin to me.... That Right Expert alone can speak on this.... My field is different!'"

To concur with the wise man's words, Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter VII 10th Slokah was simultaneously heard from the distant loud speakers recited in a melodious tone with meaning explained in parallel....

'Beejam maamsarvabhootaanaam viddhi paartha sanaatanam; 

Buddhir buddhimataamasmi tejastejaswinaamaham.'

'Know Me, O Arjuna, as the eternal seed of all beings (on the earth); I am the intelligence of the intelligent and splendor of the splendid objects (here)!'

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The 'Flight' that almost took the life, out of the Man!

It was the first Flight experience for the man who all along was very much apprehensive about the safety of Flying…. "How can I simply sit for hrs together in a totally mechanized environment suspended in mid air? I just can't imagine that!" was his constant worry in that direction.... And the very fear that all might not be well with flying was ever lurking in his mind….

But soon he had to travel and there was 'No Go' there.... And as the D-day arrived, the man became more mechanical totally losing interest in everything, moved to the Airport, checked in, got into the Aircraft, sat in his seat quietly all along observing the Co-passengers around talking cheerfully and laughing in between…. In no time, the Engines were switched on, the doors were closed and the Aircraft started taxing towards the main Runway….

As the take off preparations were on, a brief was given on the safety procedures to be followed in case of emergency….The man grew further suspicious of the reliability of the Systems around while others took the message in the right spirit….

The take off phase being over, the Aircraft soon leveled with the Seat Belt lights switched off and was at its max speed.... In some time, sumptuous refreshments and drinks were served to all passengers…. The man mechanically finished his share and was silently sitting in his seat observing the rest happily eating and chit chatting….

Soon he decided to divert his attention from the fear lurking within and taking food and beverages looked as the true savior there.... Having finished his given share, he decided to ask for additional drinks and water.... And his request was promptly attended to and he was served what he asked for.... Having finished the extra too, he in a small time again requested for water and drinks.... And he was attended to again promptly....

The journey of two hours having finished, the Aircraft started descending and the landing preparations were 'ON'.... All around were silent and the cabin crew were checking the safety precautions to be followed for safe Landing…. Soon they too were asked to go to their seats as the Aircraft started hovering over the city for landing.... There were many Aircraft around to land at that point of time and so naturally there was a queue…. An announcement was made on PAS about the queue No expressing sorry to the passengers for the delay in landing stating that it was beyond the control of Airlines….

That was all….The man heard the words 'sorry', 'landing' and 'beyond control' alone not the rest as his mind all along was totally preoccupied with the safety of flying and thus got instantly tensed up.... And it was the time, the aircraft Number came up.... the Gear was down with certain sound and vibration as the Aircraft made a turn, the cabin lights were switched off and the last crew member was rushing to her seat for final landing…. The man could no more take up the tension in him…. He just stopped the very crew member happened to be the Hostess who served him earlier rushing to her seat to enquire about the fuss around but she mistook him for asking some more drinks at that point of time and thus instantly said in a bit urgency, “Sir! I am Sorry, it's all over now! Please stay back in your seat at this moment…. I have to rush to my seat!”

That was the 'ultimate moment' in the life of the man!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Almighty gives on one side but.........

The talk inside the Costliest Shop in the Rich Locality....

"This item, I saw it in abroad last month when I connection with the grand celebrations of........... My family wanted this particular item alone and they were very much insisting upon.......... In fact you know, my boy never settles for anything less if he develops liking for a particular item; that's all! He will not go back and we have to provide him that at any cost.... We too feel that he should have the best.... After all God has given us so much....What for, if we don't enjoy to the core? My philosophy is forever make a thorough search, have the best available else get it from the place where it is available and thus enjoy.... We cannot struggle in life and settle always for the lesser..........." (All in well spoken pure English)....

The talk just outside the Shop on road....

"The child is hungry.... He needs to be fed..... That's why he is crying.... Come and feed him immediately...."(Totally in spoken Local Language)....
"I need 10 minutes to feed my baby.... This earth work is continuous and it seems it had to be completed today only.... My Employer wants to me finish this.... OK! I'll feed my baby first and start the work.... I am coming, don't worry dear...." (Totally in spoken Local Language)....

"OK! Just feed him and leave the baby in my care for the next 2 hrs.... I'll manage" (Totally in spoken Local Language)....

The next day....

The Talk in the Shop....

"Oh! Your boy too is here..."(All in well spoken pure English)....

"Yes! He never leaves me....Only yesterday, I just came away for 1/2 hr..... You know.... Yesterday night, we casually discussed that this particular item is available here and he immediately wanted to buy the same.... In fact, he would have come back immediately to the spot and bought the item but as he had a bad cold, I made him rest for the day and brought him today.... He still had not recovered from the cold attack.... Let me see what I can do today.... I too got this cold and cough (sneezing and coughing sounds)...OK! we quickly finish this work and go back.... My boy may need some rest" (All in well spoken pure English)....

The talk outside on the road....

"Dear! Your child is so happy and is all smiles today.... Not at all crying.... See! How he is hitting his legs, looking at the sky, watching people going around and happy all along in himself.... The sun is hot....Hang that cloth a little up so that the glare does not fall on the Little One's face.... The wind is a little more today.... Keep him to a side....I'll sit by his side and be doing this work while you are into your work away.... Feed him before you start... He will never cry for the next 2 hrs.... I'll be playing with him in between.... We don't need anything further...." (Totally in spoken Local Language)....

Sunday, January 4, 2015

No materialistic figures can gauge this Love!

The little girl was with her dad in the Toy Shop…. She picked a cute looking toy and held it tight saying in her own sweet words to the dad, "I want this!"

The father quickly glanced at the price marked on it.... The next moment, he knew what he had to do.... In no time, the child was cajoled and brought out of the Shop…. He straight headed to another Shop a few yards away, bought a cheaper substitute for his child saying, "Oh! This looks really good.... I find this the right toy for you.... Have it, Dear!" The girl discretely understood what had happened, was silent all the way, came home, ate her food and slept early…. But the dad equally knew all the while what was going on in her mind!

The next day morning, as the child got up from her sleep at the usual time, she noticed to her utter surprise in front of her the same toy she asked for… She ran towards her dad's room but the father was not there immediately as he had to go early to work extra in some other direction to make up the extra finances he spent…. That evening, he returned home late in the night after overtime and the child slept by that time.... A few days passed thus successively, the incident might have been forgotten but the girl safely kept the toy with her in a corner and occasionally used to take it out for her play....

Soon, the same days passed into months and the months into years…..

The girl had grown up big and was in her early twenties…. No doubt to say, she got a good Academic Degree, joined a job of her choice and was posted in a distant place on the Globe on behalf of her Company….

One day, a big Check was received by the father in his name from the daughter….

Looking at it he was surprised beyond, immediately phoned up his dear daughter and asked her, “What is this you sent me?”

The daughter said, “This is the money I returned out of my savings as a small percent of the cost of the precious toy you purchased one day for me and subsequently had to work extra to make up the cost paid!”

The father said, “Dear! That was just my duty and I wanted to see you forever the happiest in life... I can never think of making you feel anything less if your happiness can be achieved thru' my struggle and sweat.... And to tell you the fact, I just paid only a few extra Rupees on that toy!”

The daughter said with all warmth, “Yes, dad! That was just the value of that toy in the market…. But for me it was something different at that point of time as I valued it as the highest of my life.... Out of that great satisfaction alone, I had grown to a full personality and all my capabilities of today which the world around values so much and gives me all respect are out of that contentment and great feeling of my childhood.... Further, support given and monies spent on me had their true worth mainly at the back of this happiness…. And that foundation was truly made strong by your never failing love and the timely care for me! Whatever value I try thinking of giving now to that gift you gave me on that day, I am finding all my these huge earnings of today as nothing but just a spec of that Priceless Gift!”