Friday, February 6, 2015


The neighborhood family just returned home in their newly bought Red Lamborghini Car…. As they were alighting from the Car along with their 4 yr old, the next door family along with their 3 yr Little One just came out of their house on certain errand.... Instantly, the Little One was attracted by the Red Car in front....

“This One, today only we got it from the Show Room…. How is it looking?" asked the owner of the Car….

“Oh! Congrats.... It really looks fantastic! How much did it cost you?  Was it all down payment or you had gone for Loan?”

“Oh!  It costed a lot!  And, almost I paid off all of it except a few lakhs for which I had gone for a loan....” said the man with a pride distinctly seen on his face….

The 3 yr old had never turned off his eyes from the new Car…. He with all softness, touched it a few times and was looking himself in the shine of the side door….

The Lady asked with a smile, “Dear! Do you like our new Car? Actually, we all can go to your Park in this…. There Aaakash and you can play for sometime time…. Shall we go tomorrow? You will like it….”

The Little One, with eyes wide open immediately said, “Yes!” and after a while again said in broken words with a distinct excitement seen on his face, "I too have a Red Lamborghini Car…. Also, I have a red Audi Car and a blue BMW Car….. Three cars I have.... 
Mummy keeps all the Cars in my Cup Board and gives me daily one for Play after my School…. Do you want to see my Red Car?   I just now finished my Play with it.... It's inside....Wait, don't go, I'll go and get it for you!" 

The Innocence has its own Charisma!


  1. Little ones, they can teach us a lot.

  2. Yes! You mentioned it..., They forever have a 'Oneness' feeling!