Thursday, February 5, 2015


It was the usual busy morning hrs of the day….

The mother of the 5 year old kid completed her early morning house works, prepared the child for school and as the child needed some writing materials for the day’s Class on the way to school, she just left the child to the care of another grown up School girl with her and crossed the road to get the writing materials as the school was on the same side of the road where the child was left….

Having bought the items as she looked back, she suddenly saw her child coming a bit on to the road, the girl with him looking in some other direction but still holding the child's hand!

That's all.... The Mom was instantly taken over by a feeling of safety of the child and in no time ran across the road to stop him coming on to the road….

In the process, a cyclist coming down squarely hit her and the next moment, the mother and the cyclist fell on to the road…. The Mom quickly got up, ran further and took care of her kid who in no time started crying seeing his Mom fall down on the road.... The cyclist too got up and having found himself not hurt much, picked up his bicycle and silently peddled away from there…. The passers-by who were just witnessing the incident,  moved on seeing every one safe and OK....

Time never waited.... The small child soon grew to a handsome young man well educated with a good job on hand….

The grown up son clearly remembered that one incident of his mother running to him risking her own life to safeguard him and he firmly decided to gift her the best out of his earnings.... 

Accordingly on a day, he purchased a 'Special Gift' to his mother and presented it to her on an occasion…. The Mom said with a smile, “Dear! I don't need this item in my life…. I will keep it safely for your future!”

Not satisfied, next time the son bought her a 'Costly Item' on another occasion…. She again said with a smile, “I don't want you waste your monies on these Gifts for me…. Give it back and buy something useful to you!”

Not satisfied, the third time he purchased, a costly gold jewelry for her as a  gift on an important Festival day thinking that the money was not wasted there…. 
She straight away said, “This is not for me.... Keep it in the Locker for your future family!”

As a last resort to please her, the son booked her Flight Tickets to visit a Pilgrimage Center….

The mother looked at him and said, “Dear! We have come up on our hard work…. God never asks me to spend your monies in an expensive way and visit the Sacred Places…. Please book normal train tickets for me to go to…….. and come back…. My own monies are there with me to meet that travel cost....”

The grown up son was puzzled beyond.... He was at his wits end to know how he could make his mother happy with his earnings.....

The Mom in no time sensed his anguish, smiled and said, "Don't worry, dear!  I am sure, I want nothing from you at this stage or at anytime in future.... But, I would be the happiest if you, out of your Health, Knowledge, Earnings and Good Behavior with you today, further do the BEST in your life, FLOURISH  and be the RIGHT PERSONALITY of your life.... I just ask you only this 'SPECIAL GIFT' from you at this point of time and do promise me that you will sure deliver it to me in your life at any cost!"


  1. nicely written. enjoyed reading it

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    1. Sorry for the delay in replying.... Thank you very much for your appreciation....From my side to say.... A humble idea brought out!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Mridula.... I 'm delayed in replying.... Sorry for that!

  4. Very nice story and very true. I guess that's what every parent would want from their children.

    1. You said it right.... I am late in replying.... Sorry for that and thanks!

  5. Very well written! Makes you ponder on what exactly matters in is definitely not money and gold! Loved reading!

    1. Thanks a lot Shreeja! You really wrote such a good comment on these pages.... I'm sorry, I am late in replying to you...Best Wishes!