Monday, February 9, 2015


The man was too tired with the incessant Works pouring in at the back of a few sleepless nights. He had to constantly monitor certain movements around, keep a continuous watch on the likelihood hold ups and see that the many loose ends were tied up in time till


Not at all a less work at all.. Then how could he sleep as a wink too can distract and make things go quickly out of control?

That night around 2 AM, he penned down a few of the next day's activities and slept for a while. Those activities were there in his mind till he dozed off..
Morning go to ATM, withdraw cash required for the day and bring it home..

  • Later in the day,deposit the Loan Check received into his account.. 
  • From there go to the Real Estate Office and initiate the sale of the Site for clearing the Loan and meet the other expenses.. and 
  • To monitor the activities of all people around! 
It was early morning hrs. The milkman was too early and rang up the bell. The man got up and came out to take the milk. To his surprise, his friend was at the door..
  • "Dear! some bad news for us. Just now, I went to our ATM to draw some money. There was already a big queue in front of it. It appears, the Finance Company in which we invested our monies had run into deeper debt problems and....."
The man instantly became motionless..
  • "Means, our monies invested......... Oh! That's not a small amount. One fourth of my Savings are......."
  • "One more thing, I just read in the News Paper now. The Real Estate Office of our Builder where we paid off the advance is closed for the past 7 days. It appears the man had just vanished......."
  • "What are you saying.. Oh, God! That advance of.......?"
Hearing the commotion, the neighbor opened his door.
  • "Sir! Yesterday only, I came to know about one issue. Our this Apartment Complex, it seems had not complied with certain Regulations and the Authorities....... I don't know what will happen to our......."
He said his voice very much shaking.
  • "Hi! I want to tell you.. Last night, few of our cars from the Parking Area were lifted off by some unknown men. I checked just now.. My car is there, but your Vehicle......... "
The other neighbor who just came up from the Parking Lot said. Totally lost the man came in, the telephone rang,
  • "Hello, Suresh Uncle! My dad is not doing well. You are immediately required at Native Place by at least......."
That was the limit.. The man became wild..
  • "God! What's happening?"
He cried out aloud.

"What happened, son? Seems, you had a bad dream. Don'y worry.. Relax for a while.. We are all ready for the Event.. You need not run for anything. Everything is taken care of!"

The Elderly Mom near by instantly comforted him.

The time was 5 30 AM. The early morning bird chirrups were heard out side with the morning twilight seen in distance. It took 5 minutes for the man to understand that it was just a dream and as he looked around, he instantly noticed that

Everything was intact..
Nothing lost.. and
All the activities were on the Right Track!

In no time, he moved on with full energy totally relieved of all that earlier tension in the dream but for him sure..

That (fictitious) day (in his dream) before sunrise was the darkest part of his life!

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darkest, day


  1. Quite a story ! But sometimes it does happen in real life like that !

    1. Of course it's a story.... In real life, part of it will be experienced, once in a way!

  2. A row of such events could kill me with high blood pressure :-)
    Thank God it was just a dream and I pray not happen to anyone.

    1. It's just a story... But part of it, I experienced a few times as dreams!

  3. Loved it. Quite an interesting story

    1. Thanks Alolika for the appreciative comment on the Post!