Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The Young Mom in the big joint family was taking care of the Little One of two and half yrs old..... And she was tired beyond as the child attention was no less.... It happens, when one is loaded beyond and some of the routine works had to be put off temporarily....

Here too it happened.... The Mom in picture had no time even to think of the day to day routine issues except take care of her basic daily Work and pay attention to the child....

A few people of the joint family were supportive but that type of support in taking care of a Little Kid can never be total compared to what the Mom was doing....

But the same people never understood that in the right way.... And so naturally there were few mild comments on the Young Mom as part of routine....

  • "She should be a little talking to her people around...."
  • "We too are caring for the Little One.... It's nice if she reciprocates on that!"
  • "She many times, goes on looking at her child constantly conversing with him totally unaware of the fact that others too are doing some thing in that direction...."
  • "When something is needed for the Little One, she instantly demands it but it would be nice if she remains there with a thankful gesture!"
  • "I understand that she is burdened with the child care but why should she forget that we too are here with her to help out?"
  • "You said it.... If you really ask me, I was the one many times went out of way......."
  • 'She should never forget all that so easily... In fact, she should take at least a little time and look at those who were with her all these days...."
  • "OK! Leave all that... We have done our job.... Let her decide what she should do.... At least, if not now, let her remember this and acknowledge at a later time...."
  • "I am no one to comment on her.... But I tell you, she should change a bit...."
  • "This discussion is a waste.... Whatever we say, she forgets all the next moment and would be back to her track.....Let us leave it.... We have other works to do...."
The elderly gentleman of the family, a man of true wisdom who was listening to all that talk intervened and said, "Dear All! What is it you are talking here? Have you totally forgotten that a young Little One who has to go thru' a long process of total Personality Development at the back of good health, safety and various skills of life which work goes for the next 15 to 20 yrs is totally under the care of his Mom you are referring who is determined to do the best in that direction whatever be the odds in life and see that the Little One grows up....

It's a Sacred of Work of 15-20 yrs bestowed on her by the Almighty and He forever expects all of us forgetting our ages, petty differences and small requirements be ready to help her out in the Great Task!"

To the people who became instantly silent with the unique revelation, the elderly smiled and said, "It's a job here which forever a Mom can definitely do in full and even if one of you readily take up the whole, it would always be incomplete unless you are ready to do many sacrifices ahead coming up in future life foregoing often your own personal comforts!"


  1. Thank god I have the luck of having a supporting family and a husband who never assumes that it is my primary job to take care of your daughter for next 20 years!

    1. It's really a very good gesture, when members of the family understand the problems of a young Mom and be ready to support her in the interest of her and the Little One!

  2. I love that you called it a 'sacred task' to bring up a child to become a good human being.
    Mother plays a very important role, and if there is support of the father and other family members, the child is very blessed.

    1. Thanks Madam! This day, I am able to tell thru' these Pages the 'Good' to the world because of the Values imparted by my Mother alone when I was young and growing and She did there her best!

  3. At times, particularly when a child is 0 - 1 yr of age, it becomes very difficult for a young mother to keep up with the expectations from all in the family and attend to the needs of the child, which of course becomes her primary responsibility. Having understanding people definitely helps.

    1. You said it right Somali.... It's a hectic job in life for a young Mom with a Little Kid by her side!

  4. A young mom definitely faces some problems to live with the expectations of all. I'm blessed enough to have a supporting husband. Still, I can understand the problems from the viewpoint of a woman. It's always great to have other people around to support the mother.

    1. So well said.... It's really a great gesture if members of the family together support the young Mom of the family in the day to day care of her child... Thanks for the Good Comment!