Wednesday, February 18, 2015


"That 'RARE APPAREL' on me brings out the 'BEST APPEARANCE' when I wear it to the Function!" thought the prominent man of the Town….

That's it.... The 'UNIQUE PIECE' of the choicest materials at the back of certain specialized weaving skills in no time was his, of course invariably made behind the cry of 'THE EXPLOITED LABOR' which was almost silenced at the origin itself....

"This 'LATEST CAR' truly brings the 'BEST ELEGANCE' to my Personality when I drive to the Function in a smart way…" he thought subsequently....

No problem.... In a day, the 'COSTLIEST CAR' was at his door step when some easy monies fast passed hands with a weak the Inner Consciousness poking, 'THE ETHICS COMPROMISED!' which too could be silenced easily just like that....

"Let me throw the 'BEST PARTY' to night to my friends and well-wishers to gain 'POPULARITY!'" the man firmed up beyond.... 

Yes.... The 'EVENING' was exclusively 'HIS OWN' with his people in one of the highly spoken Restaurants of the City where Rare Specialties were served on the Plate at the back of a feeble murmur, 'THE NATURE'S ECO-BALANCE DISTURBED!' which was silenced almost instantly....

On the D-day at the appointed hr, the prominent man in 'BEST CLOTHES' was welcomed as he got down from the 'BEST CAR' and was lead to the Dias by his own 'BEST MEN' of the Town….

The Function started.... Praises after praises followed.... The smartest man of unique style and dashing nature of the Town was being conferred with the Prestigious Award……….. 

Right at the moment, the last awaiting Entity…. The 'INEVITABLE PRIDE' too over took him just like that and made him the 'COMPLETE PERSONALITY'....

The 'BEST MAN OF THE TIMES' as projected to the World and 'THE UGLIEST MAN ON THE EARTH' in the Eyes of the Almighty!


  1. Very thought provoking post.
    Well conveyed.

  2. Ao passar pela net encontrei seu blog, demorei algum tempo a ver o conteúdo, gostei e é um daqueles
    blogs que gostamos de visitar.
    Eu ficaria alegre se me desse a honra da sua visita e se poder ler um pouco do que escrevi.
    Tenha muita paz e saúde.
    Sou António Batalha.

  3. In that sense the world is a strange place!