Thursday, August 31, 2017


The Little One of 5 yrs+ was too fussy and was pestering the family members with endless questions thru' his constant observation around. That was the age and at that point of time his learning could never be stopped. The time was 0930 PM.

"Time to sleep, dear!"

The grandma said.

"No.. I traveled and I've a time difference of four and half hrs. I'll not sleep up to 2!"

Said the Little One firmly.

"That's only on the first day of your coming. Not daily!"

"No.. It's every day till I go back!"

"Alright.. Day after tomorrow is Ganesha Festival.. We have to get up early.. Tomorrow we will buy Ganesha idol!"

The next day evening, the family moved to the nearby Market to buy their Favorite idol.

There were many idols of different sizes and colors. The boy quickly picked up the plain one saying,

"Grandpa says we should be eco-friendly. No color means that!"

The idol was brought home and next day the dedicated Puja was done in the house with the boy participating in each and every activity involved therein.

The same evening was the immersion time.

A bucketful of water was brought, a simple Puja was conducted and the idol was about to be immersed in the waters when the boy squarely stopped the members from doing that saying,

"I want my Ganesha!"

The family members coaxed him a lot but the boy never allowed to do that.

Day 1 passed thus and day 2 too passed peacefully as immersions were done on the odd days and day 3 arrived. But the boy was double firm on not immersing on the 3rd day too.

It was day 5 and the boy's stand was firm. The grandpa soon stepped-in and decided to teach the child something timely. He cajoled the boy saying,

  • "Dear! Why did you buy the eco-friendly Ganesha?"
"To help our garden plants!"
  • "Shall we help them again?"
"Yes.. I want to do that!"
  • "See.. Now a days no rains are coming. There is no water for our garden plants.. Can we give them some water?"
"Yes! Let's do that immediately!"
  • "And we give them some food too?"
  • "The soil is their food.. If you immerse Lord Ganesha in water, the idol will melt and becomes their food mixed with water. And there are no colors in it!"
"Yes.. We should do that immediately!"
  • "So.. Tomorrow morning we'll have water mixed with soil. We give that to plants! That helps our plants grow and we'll have everywhere green.. Don't you want that?"
"Yes.. I want all my plants grow.. We'll do that!"
  • "Now we'll put Lord Ganesha in water and you close your eyes and pray to Him that all plants with us grow big by next year!"

The Little One instantly closed his eyes in front of the immersed Ganesha and prayed aloud what his grandpa had said.. And the grandpa was happy that he could instill certain right thoughts in the mind of the child on the eve of the closure of Ganesha Festival!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Do you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi? Share image(s) of Ganesha idol(s) from your city. What does 'Ganesha' mean to you? Any special memory or incident that you wish to share? #Ganesha

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  1. This is so wonderful!
    Nice that some young kids are so eco-friendly and have such great values.
    Our future world will be in safe hands :)

    1. Thanks Anita for the appreciation.. Yes.. Educating them in time truly brings out some of the changes we constantly look out for!

  2. I can resonate this when we kept the eco-friendly Ganesha this year at my home and my little kid was so excited with thousands of questions about her Ganesha idol!!

    1. That's nice to hear Sneh Asnani..It's truly a great experience with us, the elders in educating the Little Ones around us on these essential requirements of ours!

  3. Nice post ...inspiration to all

  4. Nice post...inspiration to all

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation.. A nice comment here!