Monday, April 13, 2015


“Dad! I need some money.... Need for my....” the son was asking very meekly swallowing a few words in between….

“Pass your Schooling with Good Rank first and then only ask me.... Till then I'll only buy you what you want!” said the dad with all firmness....

And, the boy nodded his head with all obedience....

Soon that materialized and he was into his College…. “Dad! Can I have my money now? All my friends carry their own....” he was demanding a little more…..

“You should finish your Degree first before asking any money so easily.... Take this for this month and let me see where it goes!” was the dad's answer....

The son had to compromise there as there was no go and started adjusting with those little bits....

Soon he completed his Degree and got into his job …. “Dad! This is my first salary! Wanted to give to your hand first…” were his emotional words….

“Yes, dear! I’ll save this for you.... But out of this, keep sufficient monies for your personal needs and give me only the balance every month!” said the dad....

Years rolled by…. “I need some monies for investing and if I use mine, I would be left with nothing….” the son was murmuring….

“Monies are precious and monies are never in excess…. Don't ask me anything now!” was the dad's reply for that....

The then young man felt disappointed but there was no go for him and had to follow what his dad had said….

Some more years passed…. “I've many needs now…. And with my salary it's already a tight rope walk…. Want to do a planned investment but can't meet all those extra expenses without a support... And I need my own savings too for exigencies…. If you don’t give me, how can I ever grow in my life?” was his demand at that point of time....

And silence alone was the dad's answer at that point of time too....

A few months passed…. “OK! Don’t want your monies…. I have my own plans of better investing in a safe way….. Am no more keeping quite as all my friends are active in this line since long time…. Straight away going for sizable loan.... And I'll repay that with the growth expected in my job... Sorry to bother you!” were the son’s words then….

“No problem and take this one time check from me as a support here…. At this stage I can venture this much into your investment as I am a bit confident that from now on wards our finances are reasonably safe....

As you planned, for the balance go for a loan but remember, the Loan Giver checks you ten times before giving the loan and takes his installments through tough measures…. That way seen, you would soon be streamlining your spending and paying off your loan installments.... But here too don't think that the Loan Giver gives you the loan simply because you have a handsome salary.... I need to sign for you as the Co-borrower...." the dad smiled and said....

Years passed thus, the son was soon into his middle age with hectic busy life in front and the dad had become old... And there was a day, the son found some time to chat with his father on some of the issues with him.... The elderly gentleman listened to all that, nodded his head and said...."From now on wards, you are the right man here to handle all our money matters.... And I'm sure you will be doing this job well!' saying thus he called him nearer and whispered to him with a smile...."Still remember.... In this world, the Trickster is always smarter than you.... Be a bit callous in the matters, the monies change hands too fast.... So being eternally cautious is the only way here in our lives.... Further, this caution improves in us continuously with age there being no dead line here for this learning and goes on thus till the man's capabilities themselves start falling off! OK! Good Luck and Best Wishes for you in this great Mission of life in front of you right now!”


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    1. Thanks Archana.... This learning is continuous in life followed by extra caution at every stage!

  2. Rightly said - " being eternally cautious is the only way here..... "
    Parents monitor us, take care of us through out their lives.. glad the son had not lost his patience too much with his father at the earlier occasion.
    Nice post !

    1. Thanks, Kokila! It's just a story and may not happen in total as is... Just a broad presentation!

  3. WOW...... it's is really life story....... Sir......

    1. Yeah! Partly and may not be in full.... But the General Psychology in respect of money goes thus!

  4. Another great story. Precious advise given by father to his son. I can co-relate this story with one of the similar instance in one of the team in my office. Person 'A' at Assistant Manager level left the team and 'B' who was reporting to 'A' showed his intentions to get promoted for AM role. Head of the department knew- this is not the right time for this promotion because 'B' is not matured yet to deal with matters related to team handling, plus he also had issues related to laid back attitude. Couple of months passed, meanwhile they had to hire a Manager to increase team productivity. During all this time HOD was completely aware of 'B's candidature for AM role. Gradually he started noticing 'B' taking interest in team related matters, became pro-active, responding mails timely and even started helping others. HOD watched this trend for 3-4 months and there was consistent improvement.
    Time was right, he called up 'B' for performance review. Told him why it was procrastinated. 'B' understood and accepted that certain things works really well with time.

    1. Rightly said, Vishal.... In all these areas experiences matters a lot.... If I am a beginner, I sure lack a part of it compared to the man who put in more years of Service than me!