Tuesday, April 7, 2015


### The gentleman of 50s was out on his bank work after a series of holidays....

As he entered the premises of the bank, he instantly noticed that the enclosed space of Bank was full of people and he had to wait outside for a while to just enter, subsequently had to wade thru' the crowd to reach his point, with certain difficulty had to grab a small space on the shared desk to fill in a few details on his Cheque with occasional push and pull from the side standing members invariably altering his writing a bit avoiding the same while signing with utmost difficulty....

Having finished the work there, he thought of having his favorite tea 
in the nearby Restaurant relaxing for a while....

To his dismay, as it was lunch time he found the Restaurant full of people taking their Lunch.... Forget about the sitting place, there was no space even at standing counters with the Cashier and Serving Personal not seen in their places as they were surrounded by people and people alone.... He instantly left the attempt and decided to return Home....

The Bus Stop was equally no better, full with unusual crowd after the long vacation along with School Children returning from Half day and there was no space even to stand in the Bus Stop Shelter.... The gentleman just waited to a side in the direct Sun for the City Bus to arrive....

3 Buses full of people in succession came in, stopped because they had to stop and moved on immediately with few strong ones trying to get in with great effort....No doubt, in time the Luxury Bus too arrived with all majesty but a look inside revealed again the same story.... Full with people standing all along the path way!

"Truly a bad day for me.... Appears, I got caught in the worst scenario!" cursing himself he walked a bit away from the maddening crowd in the Bus stop.... 

Suddenly a bus zoomed in and stopped just in front of him due to the extended signal waiting traffic beyond the Bus Stop Point.... The gentleman casually looked at the bus and to his utter surprise, he noticed a totally empty bus in front going to his very point of Alight starting from that point!   Unable to believe the coincidence, he quickly got in and occupied his favorite window seat as the first member in no time followed by flood of people running towards the bus from the Stop Point!

### The man of 40s was boasting himself quite often in respect of the care he took everywhere....

"It's just Maintenance.... Maintenance.... and Maintenance alone here and believe me, nothing else works!

  • "You get your Washing Machine overhauled periodically and that's it.... It never lets you down at any time in your life!
  • You be doing the periodic inside cleaning and defrosting to your Refrigerator, the Fridge works and looks as if  the New Piece purchased yesterday only!"
  • Just be replacing the Coolant of your Air conditioner in time and I guarantee, it will never let you lose your cool!
  • Get the Burners of your kitchen Stove washed and cleaned repeatedly, you will only see the blue flame beautifully glowing all the time!
  • Get your Car serviced every 6 months regularly without fail it keeps the vehicle running well on the road you smiling along with it!
  • Daily cleaning and  periodic dis tempering of your home surely keeps all the rodents and pests safely in their hideouts!
Suddenly, he fell ill seriously which was never expected and was recovering.... Some one who visited him was heard saying softly.... "All along the gentleman was so busy in maintaining his gadgets and home, he just forgot to maintain his own good health for a while!"

### The young man perspiring profusely had arrived at his destination saying aloud.... "My God, what a heat! I just walked 2 Kms in this scorching sun with this load thinking that it's nothing, but I'm gone... It's too tiring!"

The elderly of 60s said...."Dear! I too did the same an hr back and arrived here.... But it was OK!"

The young man was too amused, "What Sir?  At your age, you say that you were OK with all that strain?"

"Yes Dear!" the elderly said coolly.... "The only difference is.... I walked the distance slowly, resting a few times in between, drinking water in between, keeping the load with me down a few times again in between my stops and thus reached the place.... And that was sure OK for me, no problem!"


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    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation!

  2. Well written ! take a break and the load and the road become easy else....

    1. It's just the living technique of our life.... Sooner or later I have to follow that else life does not go ahead.... Thanks for a nice Comment on the Topic!

  3. Its is realy story Sir............

    1. Thanks for your appreciation! Partly they are facts too!