Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The smart daughter of the family had her own Specialty in her life.... In fact, from childhood she was a different girl....

When she was in her growing years the dad used to say to her, "We should always be conscious of our innate capabilities and productive work we do in our life.... That alone ultimately if not giving fortunes makes one stand in his / her life as the right individual of certain confidence and respect.... For that, start doing every small work of yours as much by yourself, study well and get a basic qualification to take up a job.... Beyond, depending on the circumstances improve yourself in that direction as much as possible!"

No doubt. those words truly became the basic guidelines for the beloved daughter.... She in time, started concentrating on the real meaning behind the message her dad given her and very much firmed up in keeping it up....

As the Saying goes.... 'A successful man builds his house with the stones thrown at him', the determined daughter too braved certain odds of life as every life may not be smooth all along, achieved what she wanted and thus finally settled with a good job and loving family with her.... And the Message of her dad too forever remained with her!

Years rolled by.... The daughter shifted away from her dad to the distant lands and she became busy in her own way....

In that time, there were a few other changes too.... The dad became a little loner, his age had created his own apprehensions with him and that soon reached a significant level where in he developed a habit of often ringing up and advising his daughter to be careful in life and thus constantly was after her welfare enquiry....

That created a contradictory message in his daughter and she often used to say with smile, 

"Dad! What is this ? You used to tell me not to be afraid of, stand on my legs at every step and feel confident and you are only now frequently advising me to be extra careful all along?"

The dad had no answer for that, used to smile and leave but never left that enquiry and advice....

As life moved on, all of a sudden there came up certain tense moments in the life of the daughter.... Naturally such situations do come in one's life as everything is not in our control and ultimately the Almighty alone has to bestow His Grace on us and we need to wait till the situation improves without losing our confidence....

As the daughter was exactly in the process of doing that, she was frequently getting calls from her dad who repeatedly used to say to be careful in going thru' the situation....

The stress and strain of those days, irritated her a bit and on a day she suddenly gave back saying, 

"Dad! We are doing our best here and taking every care.... The issues in front have to be resolved and our path in front has be cleared of certain hurdles.... We hope that to be taking place soon and everything will be streamlined.... In this context we have taken every care we were supposed to take and as on date things are on the right track..... What else we have to do now? Your repeated telling beyond can do nothing big here.... You should wait for a while!"

The dad agreed to what his daughter had said and promised not to trouble her further....

The talk ended thus and no doubt what the daughter said was very much correct but a strange question came up in her instantly... A very strange question that did not occur to her while she was in conversation with her dad....

Was that answer given to her dad required at all?

As she thought over further, uncontrolled tears rolled over her cheeks and she was totally in ruptures.... 

"What a haughty way I answered my dad? This very confidence with me today is totally built by him adding bit by bit in the years of my growing and made it full.... He alone laid the seed for this, nurtured it well in the initial stages thru' right support and protection and had seen that it reached its minimum level from where that could maintain by itself....

Naturally such a man will ever be interested to see that that Personality be ever safe and be happy in her active stage of life.... His inherent fears to any threat to that Personality are so natural that he is sure bound to follow up every bit there....

That way seen, my dad has every right to tell me a hundred times to be careful and I never have a right to ask him not to do that.... Further, it's always a noble gesture from my side to acknowledge the fact that he had given me everything when I was just nothing and made me today what I am and thus be thankful to him all my life without a say!"


  1. Such a lovely post Sreedhar sir... my father also has been my pillar of strength guiding me at every step. I must admit that even I get irritated at times, but soon get out of that mode and respect his sentiments. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post! :-)

    1. Thanks Archana! Your nice Comment truly deserve a praise from me.... Best Wishes!

  2. This happens with me sundry times. It makes me feel guilty, too. What you have written looks to be exactly my story with my father. Parents and children live in different timelines altogether..

    1. And it happens with my two grown up daughters too by my side, Roohi! Partly reminiscences of those experiences....Thanks for good Comment you left on these pages!

  3. I wish every child of the next generation would read this.

    1. You said it very much right.... But many times, a Dad's love for his daughter never feels the anger of his daughter there other than thinking constantly on how much he could help her in the situation.... Thanks for your Comment!

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    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation!