Monday, May 4, 2015


The Chief at the Client's Office was on the war footing....

"We sent the Message to the Great Company about the rectification required, the day before yesterday.... The flight takes just 2 hrs from there to here.... And the Experts really are in time.... More than 48 hrs later.... Fantastic Customer Service!"

"And.... Having arrived, the Specialists waited only 2 hrs doing nothing to have my go ahead signal.... Really fast!"

"It appears the people are too tired with the 2 hrs journey.... Why not they take rest not for one day but for one more day too and then start the job coolly?"

The two Engineers who arrived all the way to do that rectification work were really tired because of continuous work at their place, still kept their cool all along and bore the brunt but the younger one couldn't take any more when the Chief made the final malicious comment.... 

"I got a message from the Company that an Expert Team is coming to attend to this rectification work.... Great.... With the Experts' suggestions, we sure will be better....... The other day, the non-Technical man of our Group exactly gave the same suggestion!" 

As the young man muttered a few words of protest, the other Senior Engineer just pulled him down in the middle conveying very politely to the Chief....

"Sir! we feel sorry for the inconvenience given to you.... Right now, we are on the job and it will be rectified in 3 working days.... I request you kindly bear with this problem till then.... I very much apologize from our Company side!" 

The Chief got cooled with those pleasing words but further gave back a bit of his mind over that single protest made by the young man….

The work started thus, the Engineers had put in their whole and soul into it and finally brought it to an acceptable level.... Having thus finished the work successfully on the third day evening, they took permission from the Chief and were preparing to return to their Hotel, collect their luggage and travel back….

The Chief suddenly smiled and said with all warmth.... 

"Am going home that side only.... Come! I'll drop you in my car!" 

The Engineers couldn't believe his benevolence and were wondering whether that was once again a sarcastic joke.... Initially they politely refused the offer saying that they would take the usual 3 wheeler transport from there as they did not want to disturb their Customer.... But the Chief insisted on giving the lift and finally they couldn't say 'NO' to that too as it might attract his dissatisfaction once again….

Soon both the Engineers were in the Chief's car and the vehicle zoomed past and covered half distance till a T Junction point .... In the mean time the Chief never kept quite, got some informations from the Engineers at the back of few promises too for supply of some extras…. The Engineers quite relaxed with the sudden rapport, readily agreed to all that without a second thought....

As the car reached the T-Junction, the Client smiled and said, 

“Sorry Boys! I have to go left here and so am dropping you here…. You can easily manage from here!” 

Saying thus, he quickly dropped them off and zoomed past….

The Engineers were in their own lighter mood for a while for finally making the tough man happy.... And as they stood there for a while and started looking out for the usual 3 wheeler transport from there, they in no time noticed that they would never get a 3 wheeler from there as vehicles plying in both directions were full and there was no other Public Transport in that area.... They had no choice there other than either walking down the half way to reach Town Center or walk back half way to have the usual transport at starting point…. They preferred the former and thus slowly walked down 1.5 km with their heavy bags on the back!

At the end of the tedious walk, they were wondering within themselves, 

“Had the gentleman really helped us here or made us struggle to reach the Town Center in addition taking a few promises of extra works?”


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  2. Games that management is always taught to exercise power and's a pity because there is no need

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