Friday, May 8, 2015


The boy of 14 yrs was off mood for quite some time.... He was replying a bit vague when asked about his well being or any prob he was facing.... The Mom in no time, noticed that and equally understood that his problem was not that light.... And none else around were really serious at that point of time to understand the boy's true feelings....

On a cool day morning, the Mom said to her son, "Dear! I'm seeing that you are finding a little difficulty in coping with your studies, answering your teachers and talking to your classmates at school.... Am I right?" And no need to say....That straight away touched the boy's heart....  With tears filled in his eyes he looked at her and nodded his head silently....

The Mom smiled and said, "I know the problem.... I just confirmed it by asking you.... See.... This problem and similar problems you are going to face in life hereafter are the normal problems all will pass thru' at this age.... So there is nothing to worry on this...."

"But then I see my friends all right all the time jumping, laughing and doing what they want.... The teachers too praise them and their friends are always with them...."

"That's because, they know how to live with this problem not that they don't have the problem.... The only thing here is you don't know that and are dealing with all as is!"

"I don't understand what you say!"

"See! the first every where is always one and not more than one.... That means the rest around are not the first.... Leave the first.... Even if you take up to 5, they are still 5 only and the rest are many.... Even these 5 are not permanently in the same position but are moving out from there and changing their places a few times.... Meaning many around are the ordinary people.... Do you agree?"

"Yes! You are correct...."

"I can say that you too are one of these ordinary people around you and you are no way less compared to all these people...."

"How do you know that I am one of them? I may be the last!"

"Then, let me tell you the meaning of this first and last among us....

Many of us are average.... The front row few  personalities are gifted a little more in this but their confidence alone had pushed them further.... That's why they are in the first few rows....

Here, a few people might have been given a lesser of these but since they think bad about that, they are simply pushed to the last rows.... But the same individuals when they think that is their original and they should never feel less of it, they will push themselves up and come to more towards the average....

Don't you agree now that it finally matters how we take it?"

"Yes! Mom! what you say is correct...."

"OK! You agree here.... But you are not able to push your confidence up.... Is that your problem?"

The boy was happy that his Mom exactly spotted his problem which none else could do it till that time.... He just smiled and looked at her nodding his head....

The Mom continued..."Here! take my word.... Simply remain silent for a while but be doing all your activities in respect of your teachers, friends and others.... Let them talk.... It doesn't matter...."

"But that's not easy.... I become angry and I become sad!"

"OK! if you become that.... Even let that be.... But, that's all.... Once you become calm, again be doing your activities.... Practice this and daily tell me what happened.... I'll tell you what to do if required...."

The Mom finally said, "If you feel really helpless at any point of time, remember this Vedic Hymn, repeat it in your mind and God is instantly by your side bestowing His Infinite Grace on you....

'Om bhur bhuvah svah
Tat savitur varneniam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yo nan pracodayat'"

The boy was really happy....Instantly in front him he saw his True Savior.... His dearest Mom who could read his feelings 1:1, freely talk on that, suggest how to get over all that and again be by the side even if that wouldn't work fully further to correct and guide.... Means.... He can surely take issues in front with a certain ease and just relax for the time being!

The All Loving Mom thus instilled the right initial confidence in her child, no need to say there were a few ups and downs in the boy's life further to that in his schooling activities but all were soon well controlled, a few yrs passed and unknowingly a certain confidence slowly over took the boy with a clear understanding that for everything in life there is a solution and by bad luck in case nothing helps, the Almighty invariably sure helps such a determined personality!


  1. Beautifully written and hats off to his Mom who is so understanding and friendly .. I appreciate the 'way' the Mother told the son to recite the mantra..In this way they(kids) actually do it with faith, respect and focus - ingredients to make any mantra magical . I too have successfully used this thing with my son.

    1. Thank you very much.... You described it equally well.... So to say, my Mother too taught me this when I was young!

  2. Message conveyed very beautifully. Loved it !

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciation of the Post!

  3. Her calmness and composure is commendable...what a way to teach a kid. I am sure he would get up and beat the others soon.

    1. Hi, Alok! Such a nice Comment on this Post.... Thank you very much!

  4. Nice message for every mom and child for the Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you for the appreciation and a nice Comment on these pages!