Sunday, June 14, 2015


###  As the Passengers were waiting in the Boarding Lounge beyond the departure time of their International Flight without any sign of the boarding announcement, a Senior Crew Member came up inside the Lounge and announced at the mike.. "Ladies and Gentlemen! One of the ground vehicles had just touched the Aircraft and damaged the paint outside the skin.. The Aircraft cannot takeoff till the Experts decide on the rework required to be done and the same is completed.. We are sorry for the delay and I request you all to be patient and relax for a while.. Soon, we will be serving some snacks and drinks at your place!”

The Passengers murmured within but there was no go for them and they patiently waited in the Lounge as snacks and drinks were served.. Time moved on thus and after a delay of nearly 5 hrs, the boarding announcement was made to the relief of all.. The tired Passengers quickly boarded the Aircraft, occupied their seats and put on their seat belts.. All was ready for the take off.. 

Before switching off his mobile phone, one of the Passengers who got fed up with the delay was heard by many around speaking on his phone aloud.. “Oh, God! This's too much.. I never had such a bad experience even in my train journeys I made so far in my life.. For a small repair like this, they held up all of us for such long time.. There is already 5 hrs delay here and it appears, this may not be the end.. The flight time from now is 10 hrs and in this time, at least if the Aircraft doesn't slow down or further not held up on the way, we will be reaching the destination roughly by 2000 hrs of our time.. Too tiresome!”

  The clean well lit Aircraft on the prestigious International Route was ready to move as all the passengers boarded, sat in their seats and the door closed.. At that point of time, the Pilot made a special announcement.. “Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a historic moment for our Airlines to start the Engines.... We proudly announce that our Airlines having taken this latest World Class Aircraft for lease from the reputed --------- Aircraft Manufacturers is introducing today on this Route for your comfort and pleasant journeys with us here afterwards.. Some Special Souvenirs are being distributed in this context.. I request you all to stay back in your seats, relax and enjoy the historic Flight!”

Listening to the announcement, one of the Passengers with a clear apprehension on his face asked a nearby Stewardess a bit nervously, “Is your Airlines, flying this Aircraft for the first time after the purchase?” And soon he was comforted by the Stewardess who said that it was already a flying Aircraft with the Airlines making the first Flight on the current Route!

###  The Aircraft was cruising smoothly in the early morning hours of the day on its routine Flight with clear skies around.. As the Passengers were sitting and relaxing in their seats, they noticed the smart smiling Stewardess with a pen and paper coming to every Passenger and requesting them to write a few good wishes for some of the members of their Crew as it was their first flight experience on a Commercial Airline Route.. First take off, first level flying and first landing experience.. As the Passengers were happily writing their own comments and good wishes, one of them with an extra admiration on his face asked the Stewardess, “Can we meet the Pilots once to wish them personally for being on this Aircraft for the first time?”


  1. ..hell of an experience for the passengers ! :-)

    1. Just a fun part of travel.. Thanks for the appreciation!