Friday, June 12, 2015


It was the difficult day for the Mom and the Little One and for the Grand Pa too at the Park.. All along, the Mom expected a certain discipline from her boy but the Kid never obliged to be at that level foregoing his freedom..

The Mom was helpless for a while and left him to his own.. The child too was not less.. He was just adamant and didn't budge even an inch.. And silence alone ruled for a while..

The Grand Pa saw all that for a while and just mentioned to the daughter, "Dear! The boy has to be naughty and noisy.. No child should be silent even for a moment unless he / she is tired.. The punishment is too much for his natural behavior.. Take him nearer, give him what he wants and let him play around!"

The daughter shot back, "Dad! It's easy for you to say all that.. If he does not listen to me now, tomorrow he will not listen to others too and none would like him.. And that is going to be a big problem for me and for him too.. He needs to be disciplined for a while.. There's nothing wrong in this!" she said with all firmness..

The Grand Pa knew that indiscipline is a problem with children but his question was.. 'Does a child being naughty come under that?'  But that was not the time for him to ask his daughter anything as she was already furious with the boy and decided to implement her own style of bringing him to her line..

Some time passed..

The child rolled over on the floor, lied down to a side for a while, started gazing to a corner next to that but in between was trying to look at his Mom expecting some thing to happen.. And he equally noticed his helpless Grand Pa silently watching him.. But the Mom knowing well the boy's tricks never yielded even though she was observing him from a side..

Soon the limit reached, there was no go for the child, his reference seemed to be lost and he burst into a big cry suddenly..

The Mom instantly reacted and comforted the child but still she had her own firmness in her mind..

"Dear! I like you only if you do what I want.. Then I'll give you everything and take you wherever you want to go.. Will you just do what I tell?"

The boy could not believe that.. He was almost in low spirits but the way shown by his Mom gave him a tremendous boost..

"Mommy! Can I have my bicycle for a ride?" he requested in return..

The Mom said, "Yes! You will have your bike.. So now do what I say.. OK?"

It was too much for the Grand Pa... "It's over, isn't it?  Why test him further? What other great things he has to do now? 
Just take him nearer and comfort him!" he ordered the daughter..

Strangely, she never heeded to his advice and instead of listening him she said, "Dad! Please.. I want the boy to do this..You be sitting there in silence!"

The Grand Pa had no go there and instead of arguing with his daughter, he decided to do what she wanted.. But within, he was feeling bad for his Little Grand Son under going all that disciplining..

The Mom turned to her Kid and said, "Dear! Go to your Grand Pa, put your hands round him and repeat what I say!"

The Little One instantly did that without saying a word..

"Now say.." continued the Mom.. 

'Grand Pa! I love Mommy very much..
I love you and Dad too..
I'll listen to what all Mommy says..
I'll not trouble Mommy, you and Dad!'

The child did say that ditto and again looked at his Mom for further instructions.. That looked to be too much for the Grand Pa but he just stayed there unmoved for the moment..

"Now hug him closing your eyes!"

The Little One quickly did all that 1:1 but as he closed his eyes, he secretly opened one to see what his Mommy would say further which the Grand Pa could equally see..

The Mom with a smile she said, "Now you are a good boy.. Take your bike and go with your Grand Pa!"

That's all.. Next moment, the loud Wordings..

"Hi! The bicycle is mine now.. Am going!"

"Yeah! The bicycle is yours now.. Am coming!" 

Simultaneously reverberated the surroundings with the Little One and his dear Grand Pa jumping in joy and instantly the child ran towards the bench where his bag was kept with an ecstatic smile on his face, grabbing his cap and putting it on his head reversed, got onto bike and pushed off at a great speed 

With the aged Grand Pa in a double ecstasy equally running behind the boy to the astonishment of the Mom herself and a few nearby visitors to the Park for a while! 


  1. The mother doesn't listen to her parent and expects her child to listen to her! :)

    1. The parent is always more worried about the welfare of the child as he / she alone is ultimately answerable on that.. The grand parent forever will be playing a lesser role here and so always takes a bit easy of the situation even though both are interested in the ultimate welfare of the child.. A humorous tug of war for a while.. Thanks for a nice observation!

  2. Children, no wonder, are so happy in the company of their grandparents, but then parents ( particularly mothers) have to take the blame when children grow up to be naughty. :-)

    1. You said it very much right Somali.. The right discipline on behalf of the grand parent forever is help his / her daughter in just gently advising her at the back of their experience but ever allow the Mom alone implement that ultimately whatever.. Thanks for the nice Message!

  3. "I like you only if you do what I want.." Mother didn't like her child because he was her child; she liked him only because he obeyed her. hehe.... I think this needs a reconsideration.

    BTW, I enjoyed this mother, son and grand pa story. :)

    1. As basically that like alone is the propelling force in the Universe for every activity with us as mortals we cannot be away from that feeling, it's better that feeling be allowed freely and encouraged too within the limits without interfering with the free living of any one.. Thanks Ravish for mention of the valid point!

  4. Yes,this is a story of every family.

    1. Yes, Madam! Your observation is cent percent right.. Thanks for the good Comment!

  5. Replies
    1. You are right.. A tug of war forever.. Thanks for the Comment!

  6. Kids! Their moms and granddads! My father was always a relaxed person but the kind of liberty he gives my daughter is beyond all reasoning! But that is a grandfather's privilege! :D

    1. Yes, Mridula! The grand parents forever have their soft corner to their grand children.. A balance here forever helps them a lot.. Thanks for the good point brought out!

  7. I would let the kids enjoy their lives, unless they are making a blunder. I know of a family per your situation and the kids were too afraid to talk to their mom as she used to be quite harsh on them

    1. Disciplining a child is forever the double edge effort around which are laid out many rules and regulations.. Better I be conscious of all while parenting at the same time carrying out the task of upbringing the child in the right direction.. Thanks for the point brought out!

  8. Parenting is difficult. When to discipline. When to not. Then there is Google advising instead of heeding the experience of the parents who brought you up

    1. The very right point.. The experience of grand parents forever is an asset in the situation.. Thanks for bringing out the same!