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The Great Man was approached by a stranger one day  who said to Him, "Sir!  I'm hungry.. Give me some food!"

The Great Personality replied, "I've a work to be done.. Please complete that and I'll give you food!"

The stranger retorted back, "Sir, how can you ask a man to work when he is hungry and weak?  Can't you be sympathetic to a man in distress?"

"I agree with you... If you are really hungry and weak, I'll give you food immediately... Please eat it, relax for a while but promise me that after that you would finish the work I've planned to give to you!" said the Noble Man with all calmness..

The stranger flatly refused the proposal saying that the Man whom the world was honoring so much seemed to be too calculative and after a few minutes left the place.. All along, the Great Man was firm and never yielded beyond..

The story very much reminds me of one of the most Sacred activities eternally going on the Earth i.e., 

  • Working with all sincerity to make a Living.. 
A little deeper.. 
  • Doing Productive Work with all sincerity to make a Living... 
And at the deepest level..
  • Doing a sale-able Productive Work with all sincerity to make a living.. 
And nothing less can replace this most important activity of the world!

Thus, whenever I'm in a deal in my day to day life, it's one of my duties there, to bargain over the right price for the Item or Service in exchange.. And this bargain has its own edge, it should never be done for name sake and should be done by putting my heart and soul into it.. When I thus get into the Sacred Activity of bargaining, it is sure going to stir up the Seller and soon would put him on his heels where in he had to look into his Costing Aspects of his Product and trim up the inefficiencies if any with him.. This ultimately balances both sides and would make the flow of easy monies come under stringent check.. Further to that price fixing, I should still not leave the issue but suggest to the Seller through my assertion that he can still balance the deal by disposing off some of his underutilized items with him at that point of time to me which look useful to me in the situation.. 

This way done with all sincerity, the deal is indirectly well balanced as it rightly helps both the Parties and the Law of Supply and Demand is rightly met in the scenario.. Seen from any angle, this is only right way of keeping off excess and easy monies in circulation bringing out the Ultimate Truth in the world Viz., Right Pay for the Right Work, of course with no room for greed and exploitation any where from both the Parties....

From childhood, I've noticed this attitude of getting the Right Value for the price they pay in the people around me.. Be at the Groceries Shop while buying monthly Provisions always being happy with the Seller when he used to pack each item after weighing a little more free for the Customer and add a bit of extra of the material and further offering a free drop of the material Home if the billing exceeded certain value, be at the Book stores While buying routine Stationary Items offering the New Year Calendar or Diary in the beginning of the year or be at the Fancy and General Shop where certain New Products are given as Samples for the Customers along with the routine Products.. These Practices forever kept or are keeping ultimately the Customers happy by providing or getting them the Right Item for the Right Price..

Our Economy no doubt is quite stable because of one of the reasons of this attitude with almost every one of us being ready to bargain for the ultimate worth either in cash or kind as many of us do not have the free flowing monies with us and those limited monies with us too are earned under the same conditions of stringent give and take.. Thus, when my precious monies or so to say sacred earnings are in the trade, I naturally become tough in all my bargains of utilizing the monies well, demand the best and thus optimize my living..

With the background of such a Reality, Lufthansa Airlines seemed had newly launched the Premium Economy Class in their regular Flights.. This indeed is a boon for a few needy Passengers such as the elderly, those in difficulty and mothers with small babies.. By providing the extra space, comfort and the related additional Services with a little extra cost which worked out optimum for them, the Airlines truly is going to help these people who other wise would have to adjust with normal Economy Seats with no room for stretching their legs and thus suffer silently as many could never afford the cost of a Business Class which may provide those amenities liberally but with a very high cost attached all along.. The Airlines' Proposal works out to be the best in the Scenario for many ordinal Travelers and for a few Better-offs too whenever they make their Travel..

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