Sunday, July 26, 2015


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The hot topic of the day within me was.. 
'Is my House in Order?'

As I perceived myself into the 'Inside Personality' through a certain introspection, it soon revealed.. 'Yes! There's really a disorder!' 

The next question followed in me..
'Why not I set it alright? No other work is more important than this at this moment!'

Subsequently there was a certain thought process moving in that direction..

'To the extent feasible, there should not be much difference between the inside and outside appearances.. Then only what is seen outside stays fresh forever else the danger of a collapse is imminent as the inside cannot remain secret for long and soon would explode with full steam..

Then outwardly if I'm looking fine, well balanced, all mannered and full of vigor, I should constantly maintain this balance inside too and if not the same, at least nearer to that as much as possible with an ever Correction Process 'SET ON' simultaneously within me!'

That rethinking further led me to certain deeper introspection.. 

'There are three activities I continuously do in my life.. They are.. Thinking, Speaking and Doing.. Number one is always within simmering and the other two are always outward going.. 

It means.. 

I should Think, Express and Do the same as much as possible.. If I can do this one hundred percent, it's ideal..  But that's not truly feasible because as a human being, I'm always limited.. But no despair.. I can always do there to the nearest! 

And that Single Unique Way forever is.. 

Just to carry a Sacred Thought in a never forgetting scenario that I'm important everywhere forever including within myself throughout my life but the other man next me too is no way less here at any point of time in my life!' 

Yes.. Finally, I got the way out! 

Truly the Right Way of setting right my disorder and never letting my those energies meant for the Great Task diverted to other mundane interests which soon sure cover up that Noble Aim if allowed!

The dream sort of thing ended, I was back to senses again but with a New Energy in me to go ahead with the New Task with all vigor and instantly that alone truly seemed to be the Right Thing which I ever loved to do in my life there after!

(The Post is written for the Indispire Prompt #OneThingForLove)


  1. The thought to give your best. Every post is so simple and with great thoughts here :) Love reading em.

    1. Thank you very much for a valuable Comment on the Post!.. I love to have it on these Pages!

  2. We have so much energy within us :)

    1. Yes, Anitha.. If perceived in depth, its so much energy with us but many times most of it is drained out in the wrong directions ultimately leaving certain sorrows behind with us.. A true Control here helps out conserve these energies which can be used for the betterment of the world there by the betterment of the self too as i'm also part of the world without an exception! Thanks for the Comment..

  3. When our Thinking, Speaking and doing are in sync, our Inside Personality is in perfect order. Great post sir.

  4. Wonderful sir, simple and powerful :-)

    1. Thanks Archana! As usual, your Comments bring out the right Conceptions on the Topic involved.. Happy to receive these Comments!