Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There was a problem and all were trying to give a solution.. But no easy way was in front.. 5 minutes of struggle ensued.. The man intervened and resolved it just like that.. 'You should have done that earlier itself.. We were struggling all this time!" he was squarely blamed..

On another day, a similar thing repeated.. But the man knowing the solution was just silent for a while.. Half hr passed and nothing progressed.. They asked the man to try.. "I may not know... Anyhow let me try.. " he said and coolly solved the issue..

"Great!  You've done a job which none could do!" were the praises afterwards!

On another occasion, a video movie was being played.. It was abruptly stopped for a while and and again they wanted to start that.. "Where did we stop? Hmmh... Do you remember?" some one asked..

"It's the point where the Hero...... But I never liked the way he handled......." said the man.. "Who asked your opinion here? We just wanted to know where we stopped it; that's all!" said a member with a remorse feeling distinctly seen on his face..

On another day, the story was similar and when a member asked the man where they would have stopped it, the man smiled pretending his ignorance and kept silence for a while..

They soon recollected that, restarted the movie and asked the man at the end, "How did you like it?" "Yeah! I feel it's overall good!" he said..

"No.. We need your impartial opinion here!"
"Everything is good except only where the Hero..."
"Yeah!  We too feel that the scene should not have been included!"

On a third occasion, there were the usual discussions at a meet.. After a while they turned into heated discussions.. 

The man intervened and said,"Why unnecessarily point out each here?  Every one is equally correct!"  One man instantly jumped on him saying, "Who asked your judgement here?  Just keep off!"

On another occasion the same happened and some one asked him, "What do you say here?"  The man smiled and kept quite..

The heated discussions climaxed to finally squarely finding fault with one another and almost reached fist blows stage.. Subsequently it subsided and certain calmness prevailed for a while..

The man said,"Why unnecessarily point out each here? Every one is equally correct!"  Some one said, "You are right.. We had unnecessarily got into this!"

The man mused.. 

"All situations are not good enough to say the 'Right' unless the time is ripe for that.. Till then many times 'Smile and Leave' alone is the best solution every where!" 


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    1. That's how forever the world around reacts.. With a broader outlook on the likelihood happenings and reactions, we can always steer the situation for a pleasant ending.. Thanks for the appreciation!

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    1. Thanks Manikanta.. I request you to read some of my other Posts too if time permits..

  3. Smile.... reminds me if the song by the Bee Gees - "Smile an everlasting smile" Thanks for sharing...

    1. Thanks Subhadip for such a lovely Comment.. Am very happy that you liked it so much!

  4. Ye, better to leave while still in senses.

    1. Rightly said Indrani.. In fact, it's the Royal Way of living thru' any conversation.. Thanks for the nice Comment!