Thursday, September 24, 2015


I very much remember.. That was the time, I was in Class 7th.. I had an option of speaking on a Subject in my Elocution Period.. I avoided giving my name.. My dad came to know about that, straight away met our Class Teacher and simply included my name totally against my wish..

"I don't like giving a Speech in front of my friends!"

was my protest at that age out of an unknown fear of getting humiliated in front of others..

"You should develop these Skills.. Avoiding is no solution here.. Select one of the Topics given, prepare well and speak out.. There's no choice for you!"

almost ordered my dad.. I was murmuring within myself..

I again remember, it was when I was in Class 9th and I had to give my name for a Voluntary Service.. I again avoided there out of fear.. My dad came to know about that, came to my School and straight way included my name..

"I have to concentrate on my Studies... These come in my way!"

I gave a fake reason..

"Try to manage both.. You should involve in such Works once in a way!"

clarified my dad saying indirectly that there was no go there.. I was angry but kept quiet..

I came to 12th Class.. I concentrated, wrote the Local Competitive Exam and was through.. My dad made me apply for other Competition Exams too where I was eligible..

"Why all these when I am sure of my Local Exam?" 

I had my doubt..

"You should know what Competition means and better you write every exam in front of you!" 

explained my dad..

"This way, I am confused!" 

I replied a bit dejected.. My dad simply kept his silence..

I had my selection of Job where in out of the two Local Postings I got, one had less Pay and 6 Month Training outside my City..

"This Company appears to be better than the other even though these people pay less initially and give Training away from the Headquarters.. Select this one only.. It's good to start your Career with this Company!"

said my dad..

"When the other Company is paying more and their training is just for 3 months that too only locally, why all this unnecessary trouble? I want to join only the second Company!" 

I asserted..

"Do what I say.. There's good for you in that in the long run!"

assured my dad.. I moved out reluctantly for 6 months, had my Training and was posted back to my City.. It was the first day of my regular Job and my dad silently wished me the best.. I returned late in the evening quite tired and was resting in my room.. My dad asked how was my first day..

"They showed my place, my computer and assigned me some Work.. I had to continuously do that all the 8 hrs till the last minute the Office closed except for Lunch and Tea Breaks.. That's all, nothing great!"

I said..

"OK, Don't worry, relax now!  All these days, my constant worry was to put you in this one line which was never a day's Work from your side as well as from my side.. It's a total build up from the time you entered your School.. You might have resisted many times, but finally co-operated and joined in every activity I insisted.. Today, you are fully the Right Personality to enter this field but remember this is not the end..

In the coming days, you'll be taking up many turmoils, stress and strain and cut throat Competitions around you in your field of Work and subsequently the later greater family responsibilities in your life too.. That way, the list may be endless but the foundation for the same is laid firmly and brought to this level.. Now the Superstructure of coming days is more of your own effort with my broad guidelines following all along.. That way, this growing up goes on eternally for ever and ever in your life.. All the Best for you; well done till date!" 

said my dad with a big smile on his face and an affectionate pat on my back..

I instantly became speechless when I saw the Eternal Love behind my dad's every action that truly helped me become the fittest person of my life.. I mused silently..

"I promise you dad, I sure will do my best here, get laurels everywhere, turnout gold and keep up the silent wish of your heart that I should be the best.. And thank you dad, for this Priceless Contribution of yours towards me enabling me stand as the Right Individual in my life!"

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