Monday, September 21, 2015


The time was the morning hrs of Sunday and the place was on the other part of the Globe where luxury forever was on the higher side..

The child of 4+ years got up in the morning.. For brushing, he went to the wash basin and turned the tap.. The water started flowing out, but in no time the same tapered off and totally stopped.. The Little One got astonished..

"Mom! There's no water in the Tap!"

The Mom instantly came to bathroom to help him out.. Yes.. There was no water in the tap which was truly an astonishment for her.. In a country like that too, there's no water coming from the tap! 

The Grandpa was all along with them.. For a moment, he too got wondered why the water had stopped.. But his sixth sense quickly worked.. And he could sense some sound below.. He called the Grand child saying, "Come with me!"

The boy instantly followed him and soon they both came down the stairs to the point where certain sounds were heard..

Yes.. The Grandpa's guess was right.. There was the Boiler replacement going on below which supplied the hot water.. No doubt active work was under progress and there it would be taking a little more than an hr's time to complete that..

That must have been circulated in the Notice which the Grandpa remembered to have seen 2 days back but forgot to remind his people on that.. He instantly decided to make use of that situation to teach the child a Great Lesson in life..

"Dear! Do you now know that water is precious in our life.." 
he said..

"Yes! Grandpa!"
responded the child with all honesty.. "But why it stopped?"

"See! They are replacing the old Boiler which supplies hot water to us.. It takes some time to do all that and then only we get both cold and hot waters.. Hereafter the hot water will be very hot.. Should they not do it?" 
asked the Grandpa..

"Yes! They should do it!" said the Grandson..

"Then tell me.. What do you do now without water? How do you brush? How do you go for Pee or Poo? Can you do all these?"

The child was tensed up..

"We need water to cook our food too.. Where do we get it now?" asked the Grandpa..

"I need to drink it too! I'm thirsty!"

"That we will do as soon as we go inside.. No worry.. That water is different.. And we stored it.. But Dear! That water too comes like this only when people around work!"

The child looked at Grandpa with a strange expression..

"Now, Dear! Do you understand that water which is very important for us comes thru' good rains and many people together bring that to our home for our drinking, brushing, bathing and use for Pee and Poo cleaning.. Can we waste water?"

"No!" said the child with all firmness..

"So, we should see that always rains come!"

"Yes! I like rain.. I want to play in rain.. Mom makes paper boats for me!" 

"And all people should be there and bring water to our homes; is it not?"

"Yes! All should bring water faster!" said the child with an excitement seen on his face with 'faster' meaning 'in the best way!'

By that time, the work of installing the new Boiler being over, water started coming and the boy's Mom said from above, "Dear! Come up.. Water's coming.. You have to brush, take bath and get ready now to go to Market!"

Hearing her voice, both the Grandpa and the Grandson moved up the stairs with the Grandpa having satisfied over implanting a good thought in the Little One's mind at that tender age was mentally preparing himself to teach the next lesson to his Grandson on the preserving and caring for Essentials of Life which Mother Nature gives in abundance for right use no doubt but never allows misuse..

And the famous Quote of the Great man was in his mind all along..

"There's plenty on Earth for the need of every one but not for their greed!"

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  1. Yes, there is plenty on earth for needy not for greedy...very true. It is our responsibility to understand this and also convey the message to next generation.

    1. Thanks Ranjanaji for leaving such a nice Comment on these Pages!

  2. Great message Sir.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  3. wonderful tale. indeed a very good lesson.
    A Rat's Nibble

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    1. Thanks Shraddha.. Happy to hear that the Post conveys a good meaning!

  5. Beautifully crafted tale with very strong message conveyed Sreedhar Ji.

    1. Thanks Dipanwita.. A Nice and good Comment on the Post!

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    1. Thank you very much, Srinidhi.. Your Comment is highly welcome!

  7. Very beautifully written Sir ! Great message for all :)

    1. Thanks Vinitha.. Your appreciation is highly welcome!

  8. Very nicely written sir. Hope more people understood this basic fact.

    1. Yes, Somali.. We ever should guard the essentials given by Mother Earth.. Thanks for the good Comment!

  9. very well narrated sir... let's hope people understand basics!

    1. Thanks Archana for the appreciation.. Let's hope so!

  10. Ya true sir grandpa taught a good lesson to his grandson nice

  11. Ya true sir grandpa taught a good lesson to his grandson nice

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Chethan.. Thanks for the appreciation of the Message!

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    1. Thanks Harsh for the appreciation.. Love the comment!