Sunday, September 20, 2015


“This friend of mine, you know............ is a real nuisance in my life.. They say, 'A friend in need is a friend indeed and a SINGLE HELLO makes you so much relaxed in life!' But, that became exactly the opposite in his case.. Forever this man is in need of interacting with others for every silly reason.. He never allows me to be free for a while.. I've so many priorities in my life, my monies, time and energies are precious and I don't want to waste them unnecessarily on issues which bring nothing for me.. 

When I'm thus keeping a strict discipline with me in my day to day life, this man rings up almost daily and says that I should come out, join in some Social Event, Program, Function etc along with him and thus spend time with him.. 

Who the hell is he to advise me thus? I want to spend my quality time in my own way and for that he squarely puts a brake.. Here, I am unable to say openly to him not to disturb me in my personal time as that would quickly become the news and there, I don't want any bad propaganda from his side.. 

Anyhow these days, am somehow managing by pretending as if I'm busy but a few times that too is not working.. Don’t know how to avoid him totally..” 

thus was speaking a man of late thirties commenting on a friend of him whom he felt a nuisance in his life and whose friendship, he could not openly cut off..

Just then the landline phone rang up..

“See, I told you! That man only.. He has no other work.. Forever on the prowl..”

“Hello, Yeah, Speaking! What.. Is it so?  Oh, God! Means there is a problem..  Now, what will happen to our investments with the Bank? Why did it happen thus, when everything was going smooth? It's really bad news.. OK! I’ll talk to you later separately.. If required, I'll go there personally tomorrow itself and see if I can do something..........”

There was some silence for a while.. But in no time, another call was on the line..

“Hello, dear!  How are you?  What? What did the doctor say? Are you sure? OK! No problem.. I'll be there, tomorrow evening itself.. Don’t worry.. This is not such a big issue.. Let's see what best can be done in this case.. Meanwhile, take all the care required!”

And soon, that was the third call..

“Hello! Is it? How can that happen? You might have seen something wrong.. I was sure my papers were approved.. Oh, God! That means, I should once again go through the whole process and all my plans have to be worked back now.. What a nuisance.. I'm just stuck now!”

The man was totally down instantly and appeared as if he had no energy at all.. But the phone never kept silent and it was soon the fourth call.. 

Yes!  it was the ultimate trouble there as the very friend on prowl was active.. But strangely, as soon as the same friend said, "HELLO!" the man without giving a chance for him to talk further, simply burst out,

HELLO, My dear.. 100 yrs for you! I was just waiting for your call and you rang up.. Yeah! Tell me.. See.. We are close friends and we should be talking often.. No.. No.. You are not disturbing me at all.. In fact, you have a right to call me at any time! And I was waiting for this call.. It's the right time you called me.. I've a few issues in front that suddenly sprang up and I want to discuss with you.. If you are free, shall we meet in the evening? Come home and let's have dinner at our place.. I'll tell you all the details.. You were my best friend in times of crisis and all these days you only stood by my side.. Bye, dear!  Am waiting to meet you in the evening!”


  1. Ha ha what to say! But this type of people do exist. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani.. Some thoughts in this direction!

  2. Too much of familiarity breeds contempt. :)

    1. Rightly said Somali.. It happens a few times in our lives! Thanks for the Comment!

  3. Hahahahaha....i m laughing like anything.....
    This kind of people make it impoosible for us to think about ourselves in our personal self check times too.....
    Very well described sir... i cant stop giggling.

  4. Thank you Shraddha.. Happy to know that the Post was so much interesting!