Friday, September 11, 2015


Oh Time..

How much constrained am I in my life when I imagine the vastness of your expanse?

I dare not chase into your Past beyond as I know
You have brought down the Empires and Leveled off the Mighty without anyone's prior consent..

I dare not chase into your Future beyond as I know
You will equally be bringing down similar Power Mongers and Expanders too of today again without anyone's prior consent..

I'm just courageous enough only to chase into a little of my past but in that small time I feel I am very great in spite of having many of my own setbacks existing by the side..

Based on this little experience of an achievement in me which is nothing in front of the whole movement of yours, I chase into future that too a little ahead only projecting myself to be a super hero with many many things to do on hand..

You with all all your kindness allowed me to chase and expand myself into this really infinitesimal small part of your infinite existence bearing with all of my that meaningless pride and senseless feeling of achievement..

How lucky I would be if I could get a glimpse of your vastness within which my life seen as just a speck of moment and thus could become truly humblest in my this limited life turning all my attention forever towards doing the Right alone!

I deeply Pray to the Almighty to Bless me with a little deeper Perception cutting thru' my Ignorance so that I at the earliest, would be getting into this concept of leading my further life ever remaining Humble and Peaceful!

( The Post is in line with the IndiSpire Requirement #MyDare)


  1. Time, the greatest leveler of all. The poem is a nice expression of gratitude for being a part of the infinite existence of God.

  2. I think it's the age of reflection, I read your posts and think of myself. I am going to be exactly like this.

  3. A deep thought to be reflected upon!

  4. Profound post sir... the poem is beautiful...

  5. This post can lead to a lot of contemplation sir... it was a lovely read! :-)