Saturday, September 12, 2015


"These days, I'm not at all happy in the way my grown up children are behaving.. No doubt, they are grown up and are handling........ But seen from broader perspective on some of the trivial issues, they are deciding too quickly and acting with double the speed........

If this continues I'm afraid, they soon may be caught at crucial points in their life, from where working backwards may be too difficult and already in some issues they are facing.......

I many times tell them to be careful in such cases, but they don't care for my advice and if insisted upon, are ready to shoot back......

I'm fed up with all this and finally decided.. 

'Let them face what they want.. After all, they only created/are creating all this.. They alone should answer.. I'm never a party to this make.. As you sow, sow you reap.. I'm happy at least, I'm never the cause here!' 

Tell me what else parents can do, if grown up children decide to act like this on their own?"

Thus was speaking an elderly man with quite a bit of disgust seen on his face about the reckless behaviors of his own grown up children to a close friend and an all time well-wisher of the family..

The well-wisher smiled, patted his friend and said, 

"Dear!  I understand your agony and worry when you see your children taking their decisions on important issues which if go wrong, is never good for any one in the family and there already something had gone wrong.. It's OK.. Take cool and relax for a while..

But I very much advise you not to leave here your advicing to the extent possible without any one losing their cool in the battle of words.. This becomes the most imp duty of yours at this stage and never you should do a less here.. I too try to advise them, but mine forever is limited and yours as a parent is never less.."

"Yaar!  You are too much.. If these people ask so clearly not to bother what further work should I do here?  Isn't all this their own creation? Where, did I tell them to do the wrong at one time?  If I'm not allowed even to talk, what's that you say not to leave the matters and be advising them?  When they alone created or creating all this mess, still do I own some thing here?  I see no point in what you are saying.."

"Just a minute dear!  I very much agree that all these are 100% your children's decisions and they alone created or are creating all these.. But do you know, you are not a free man here and you too are very much a party to this creation?"

"What do you mean?"

"My dear!  Long ago when you were single, you were totally free all by yourself but you never remained thus which was equally possible for you, got into all this and created the so called your family.. Then morally speaking, are you not a party to this latest creation too which is definitely part of the original creation seen from your side?"


"My dear!  Our responsibilities towards the world never end as long as we live including towards ourselves.. And there's no safe way of this living here other than discharging our these responsibilities to the core and be done with them, of course with reasonable ease falling neither on the laziness side nor on too much vigor side rather than keeping off from them.. 

That medium way of living alone finally secures true peace of mind in our life both immediate as well as in the long run.. Rest no doubt, the Almighty alone decides through His Grace and there of course, all of us are bound to abide by His Ultimate Decision without a single one left out as an exception!"


  1. So true every word.
    Thanks for sharing the wisdom!

    1. Thanks Indrani.. Happy to have such an appreciative Comment on these Pages!

  2. So true sir. Responsibilities never end. Whether or not grown up children listen, parents still have to advise.

    1. You rightly said it, Somali.. That's the eternal moral responsibility of parents.. Thanks for the appreciation!