Thursday, September 10, 2015


6 important Personalities were remembered on a certain day..
  • “He was truly a man of Prosperity.. What a wealth he made in his life time! Worked smart, made use of every opportunity, took bold decisions and made fortunes.. I remember, I met him once when.........Hats off to his capabilities.. He was the Best Entrepreneur of the Century!” 
spoke one of the men in the Assembly at the back of a great Admiration towards the Personality..
  • “Oh, truly a man of of bravery at the back of his exemplary courage and mental strength.. In his active days of life as I remember, how much he stood up bravely and faced the challenges of life.. Hats off to his courage! The Iron Man of our times!” 
spoke another man at the back of a overwhelming appreciation towards the said Gentleman..
  • “What a Learned and Knowledgable man was he! Ask him anything, he was knowing that.. I was once at one of his Conferences, when some one asked him......... In minutes, the right answer was in front of every one.. I don't know, how he could grasp so much.. He was just a Treasure of Knowledge!” 
spoke the third one in the Assembly at back of a noticeable applause for the spoken Personality..
  • “He was Truly the Wise and the man of Reference for any Advice.. He was so clear on what he used to say.. Many in their bad times were able to steer their lives in the Right Direction through his Valuable Advice and I'm too one of them.. Truly a Great Advisor of our times!” 
spoke the 4th man in the Assembly with an all time praise clearly seen on his face towards the said wise man..
  • “Really, a Man of Philanthropy! He, without a single hesitation used to help out the maximum number of people around through Liberal Donations.. Rarely, we find such a Man around us.. I too got some benefit from him, of course indirectly.. I can say that he was the man of True Generosity never seen in these days!” 
spoke the 5th in the Assembly with a feeling of high Gratitude in his mind for the next Personality..
  • “He was such an honest man on whom any one could bank upon without a bit of hesitation.. With Hard Work and Honest Earnings alone, he lived his full life standing as a True Example of Simplicity.. I can say that he was the single Honest Man of Generations around us!” 
spoke the last man in the Assembly with an Awesome feeling well noticed on his face as he felt for the Personality he spoke of..

There was a pause for a while.. When silence ruled thus, finally the 7th Humble Personality was remembered..
  • “I known one Special Man in my life.. He was not that much famous in anything special but was truly a Good man of our times! Through out his life he had done nothing but good and only good and was thus helpful to every one.. Whenever I had a problem, I was sure of a Solution and some Relief in his Presence.. 
  • He was the one who himself never distinguished between Big and Small, Strong and Weak or Rich and Poor.. All were equal to him and he often advised the Better Ones to care for the Lesser Ones and the Lesser Ones to be more disciplined all along.. And I just forever could feel a Great Strength in his presence.. I truly best Friend!” 
saying thus broke down one of the men in the Assembly with an outburst of emotion as tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably!


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