Saturday, September 19, 2015


A Great Personality was sailing across High Seas.. On the Ship, there were people of different groups and each group segregated themselves to their 'Own' and thus were continuing their activities during the journey effectively keeping off from other groups even though the same was perfectly feasible but their mental barriers kept them off from doing that.. And the journey continued thus..

But God's Plans were different.. On the way all of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship.. It was terrible for a while and the ship was a tiny piece of man made item in front of the gigantic winds that were passing over the ship with terrible speed!  

Suddenly, the psychology of all the Passengers had undergone a dramatic change and all in no time, became Single minded and started Praying to the Almighty together chanting a single Line of Prayer..  

"Oh, God!  Do Save us and Take care!”  

The Prayer continued and the Typhoon too for a while but soon it was time for the typhoon to come down in its intensity to the relief of all and in a few hours later totally vanished from the scene, with the weather returning to normalcy.. 

As usual in further few hrs, people again segregated themselves to their smaller Circles and were busy in their own activities keeping off from others.. 

The Great Man thought, 

“How nice it would have been had the 'Togetherness' that was there sometime back continued in this normal time too!”

This is how I'm living on Mother Earth ever oscillating between the thoughts.. 'My man' and 'Not my man!'

At the highest level, life aspects are the Common Entities with all living beings.. That is the reason why all living beings are on Mother Earth; Humans, Creatures and Plants.. The Highest Oneness!  

Here, no doubt physical demarcations are needed between Human Groups as people of various Countries, States, Towns, Villages, Religions, Age groups etc etc.. where in the grouping has its own Purpose.. Viz., Right Identification and smooth transactions from Day to Day living point of view.. But between these Groups, in parallel walls are built successfully and divisions are ensured sincerely at the mental level too.. And that way seen, soon the list becomes endless with many, many such distinct marked differences..

Divided thus, Ultimately we reach a Unit called 'Family' defined as per the individual's requirements for one's own welfare.. 'Service to Humanity' is truly done when this Unit is 

  • Fully respected, 
  • Inside Members are rightly cared for, 
  • Attached Responsibilities are well discharged and 
  • The Development of members is properly ensued.. 

As ultimately that alone is the Spirit of a 'Good Family!' 

But Alas.. Here too sometimes, the differences continue!


  1. Yes differences exist within family too. Very well narrated sir! A great read!

    1. Thanks, Indrani.. Your appreciative Comment adds true weightage for the Post!

  2. Wonderful Post Sir.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thanks Sriram & Krithiga.. Your Comment is highly welcome!