Friday, September 18, 2015


  • Feeling safe: As a child, he was the weakest but never felt so.. His Mom by the side was in total action there taking max care..
  • Identifying: As a kid himself knowing and emotionally identifying was again totally the work of hers, the beginning of which was never known to him in his life time..
  • Interacting: As a boy, he was fully into it from the day one as his Mom started responding instantly there, the beginning of which was again unknown to him..
  • Speaking: As a grown up he could speak fluently in that one language of his Mother and truly speaking he never knew how he picked it up..
  • Growing Up: It's the vast learning imparted to the boy by his Mother from scratch to almost 22-25 yrs who all those years left not a single stone unturned in the process!
A Mom silently but with all her love and dedication provided her child with those attributes in his life and made him truly the right Personality which the world had straight away accepted without a single objection.. A No 1 Sacred Task done in this world!
  • Chasing: “What's this boy doing? Where's he now? What happened to the work I asked him to finish today?” 
  • Ordering: “What’s your problem? Straight away go to the place, wait till the man turns out, talk to him and tell him strongly…..” 
  • Fixing: “I don’t want to listen to any thing here.. You know, in your age I was having a huge responsibility of….... That way seen, this's nothing for you.. Tune up yourself…….” 
  • Warning: “No one comes to your door and feeds you.. You have to struggle in this world, face the difficulties and live your life.. Don’t take it easy, my dear.. You'll soon be fit for nothing!’’ 
  • Pulling up: “OK! You might have done this now but don't think that life is all this alone.. From tomorrow, I want you to get into….....” 
The dad appeared harsh and no doubt, he alone forced himself into that role, took max pains, never left a single stone unturned there and finally gave to that basic Personality of the young man what was called in the world's own words.. The Status comprising of a built-in capability to standup on own feet and boldly express himself.. A No. 2 Sacred Task done!

Thus forever, go on the works of the parents in this world towards their wards a few times, the tasks getting over-lapped/interchanged but whatever be the situation, the 2 Tasks will always be done to perfection in total! 

The Epic Story says that when Lord Ganesha went round His parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and touched Their feet, it was treated as if He won the race of going round the Universe and thus could become the Primary God of Worship..

On the eve of this Ganesh Chaturthi, let us Pray to Lord Ganesha for the welfare of all of us and our families and along with that let us equally remember that every parent on this earth even though he/she is a normal personality in the eyes of the world to his/her own ward, he/she forever is someone special and of worshipping level and it is truly the great quality of an individual who carries this respect for his/her parents and thus remain humble towards them all along their life!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


  1. Life's little lessons... you tell them so well!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Indrani.. Your appreciative Comment is highly welcome here!

  2. Thanks for reminding us again the importance of father and mother.Lovely write up sir