Wednesday, September 16, 2015


“I've so many issues in front which need to be addressed..These issues are of crucial importance in my life.. If the results of these are not favorable, the curtains are going to be down soon and all this drama would end in no time.. So, nothing should go wrong here.. 

But Sir! My constant worry here is that these results are never in our hands.. Anything can happen at anytime.. And if a single link goes missing somewhere, the whole chain is sure going to be affected sooner or later.. 

With so many responsibilities attached along with no absolute control on a single happening, I feel totally in a fix and finally reached a stage of understanding that if the day goes well, that's good enough for me; nothing more required! And these days, my daily Prayer to God is exactly on these lines..

And I understand here that I should solely depend on the Lord alone and thus humbly Pray to Him that He takes care of me in all my plans.. That alone makes me feel better at this point of time.. Else, this is all a real misery in my life!” 

thus was speaking a man of mid thirties pouring out his woes in front of an elderly well-wisher who happened to be truly a man of wisdom and deep thinking.. The elderly looked at him, paused for a while and said, 

“Dear! What had happened to you? I am finding you talking like a man of lost self respect and dignity.. Why did you allow yourself let down like this?”

The man got offended instantly, controlled himself and said, 

“Sir! I don’t understand what you are talking of.. It's for the first time am seeing you talk like this.. Is something wrong with me?”

The elderly looked at him, smiled and said, 

“Yes Dear! First of all, pitying ourselves is no solution to our problems and there never lies the true devotion to God.. We are the God created personalities of fullness and of nothing less in that direction.. And here, we should ever be thankful to the Almighty for keeping us intact in that way..

Having thus been given these weapons of sound body and sound mind to you, where is the right action from you in the present context making use of these in the best way?”

The man looked at him dumbstruck.. The well-wisher continued.. 

“Dear! The Almighty is ever happy only if I approach Him with a basic discipline from my side comprising of that 
  • I've completed the required actions of the day well to the best of my knowledge and belief without giving place to any laziness, complacence or coercion from my side.. 
  • I approach Him with  the right attitude in my mind Viz., Having done my day's work, I'm just waiting for His directive for executing the next day’s Program of mine as per His Plan.. 
With the backdrop of these two disciplines alone, I should Surrender myself to the Lord and just Pray to Him for the Eternal Blessings for my ultimate betterment! Any other approach towards my problems here only amounts to ultimately negating His Presence Everywhere which I should never do and thus close the issues for the day relaxing all along!”

In line with the Advice given by the well wisher, The Pavamana Mantra of Brahadaranyaka Upanishad was heard being chanted melodiously on the distant Loud Speakers with the meaning explained in parallel..

'asato ma sad gamaya, 
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,
mrtyor mamrtam gamaya,
om shanti shanti shanti.'

'Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the light
Lead me from death to the immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace.'


  1. Felt so nice to see this mantra.This used to a prayer at school. :)

    1. Thanks Somali for the appreciation.. Seen the comment today, only.. Best Wishes!

  2. that's a prayer I say everyday before commencing my meditation...
    great read sir :-)

    1. That's nice to hear from you, Archana.. Sorry, seen the comment today only.. Best wishes!

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    1. Thanks Shoma Abhyankar.. Seen the comment today only and sorry for the delay in replying to that.. Best Wishes!

  4. So rightly said pitying ourselves is no solution, being strong and a right frame of mind will help approach things better :) super post!

    1. Rightly said, Shweta and thanks for the compliment..Sorry, I missed answering the comment all these days.. Best Wishes!