Saturday, September 12, 2015


For a long time, I was putting these questions within myself in an expanded way and I thought that I'm fulfilling the real dream of my life in meeting all this.. 
  • What's the best way of making max money in short time?  I got to be rich! (The feeling of Accumulation) 
  • Which Class Item is worth securing for my level? I need to show off my level(The feeling of Comparison) 
  • Who can do this other than me? I'm not less here! (The Feeling of Pride) 
  • Why will it not happen? I will not give up! (The feeling of Certainty) 
  • When is the time I bowed down? I don't want to yield here! (The feeling of Superiority) 
  • Where's the opponent for me? Am too equal! (The feeling of fullness) 
  • How dare he question me like this? I'll teach him a lesson! (The feeling of Anger/disgust) 
'Yeah!  I'm living my life to the fullest!' 

I thought firmly.. And  days moved on thus..  

And in time... A few happenings around not so pleasant have raised my own doubts in chasing the very same dream of mine in full.. 

But the inside force was not less, even when I restrained myself a few times not be in that mode, I was soon dragged towards that life.. Here, quickly and very rightly I understood, 

'This isn't my dream; but I can't get away too from this!'

That lead to an extensive investigation and search from my side.. And that really was endless for a while..

But suddenly there was a Miracle.. On a fine day, there was flash in my mind..

'There's a better dream worth chasing.. Chase that your ultimate dream but allow the inevitable too by your side; of course feed not this inevitable beyond!'

Yes.. The Message was very clear.. And my real dream too was doubly clear by then.. Quickly some additional questions joined in that context and the list doubled..

  • What's the Right Path of action for me? Humility is the best here! (The Disciplinary mode) 
  • Which achievement in the world is really worth? Everything is limited! (The Understanding mode) 
  • Who am I? Not definitely what I know at this stage! (The Enquiry mode) 
  • Why I fail in spite of being all attentive? The Result is not in my hands! (The Investigation mode) 
  • When does the Almighty have mercy on me? I'm just waiting all the time! (The Prayerful mode) 
  • Where's the peace with me? Self is the culprit here! (The Ultimate Doubting  mode) 
  • How's that I am great here? Everywhere limited! (The Surrender mode) 
Thus continued eternally my chasing of the Special New Dream in my life with a Humility feeling backed by more weightage given to the last 7 and the inevitable minimum weightage to the first 7 at the back of a New Energy and Zeal, of course closing the activities for each day with a sincere Prayer to the Almighty for His Ultimate Take care! 

*** We are often told that the Entire Universe can be probed by just putting the 7 questions starting with What, Which, Who, Why, When, Where and How everywhere and every moment of our life with a constant improvement incorporated there.. And from whatever angle seen, that alone seems to be the Original and the Ultimate Dream of our life!  Another take on this Week's
Topic #MyDare!


  1. Excellent Post Sir.Thanks for sharing.:).


    Sriram & Krithiga

  2. Such a wonderful and enriching post. I always take back something from this space.

    1. That's nice of you Purba.. Happy to hear this.. Thanks!

  3. Fulfilling aspirations with focus on self actualization while being grounded in humility. :)

    1. Very Rightly said Somali..Your wisdom here is unparalleled.. Thanks for the Comment!

  4. Sreedhar ji, your wisdom should be widely shared.

    1. That's so kind of you Lataji.. Happy to know that Professionals like you appreciate the Post.. Thanks a lot!