Monday, December 14, 2015


“A disciple once happened to see his Master in a certain environment in the odd hrs of one night.. He thought himself, 

‘Our Master always advises us to keep distance from the attractions of the world and we sincerely follow His Preachings.. But I wonder why, such a Great Man is seen in this environment?  Let me follow Him hiding behind the bushes and let me see the end of this drama..’

Having firmed up thus, the disciple secretly followed the Master.. But in no time, he was stunned to see his Master attending to certain works routine in nature.. He could no more keep his guilt feeling within himself and the next day morning confessed the same to his Master requesting pardon from Him..

The Master smiled and said, 

“Dear, No question of asking pardon here..  Yours is very much, the Right Spirit of Questioning everything around! Never leave this attitude anywhere, at anytime with whomever it may be and whatever may be the doubt.. That alone is the Right way of progressing in the line of Spirituality.. Never have a blind belief in this Path!”

The Head of a Monastery, when told this story to a group of devotees listening to Him, one of the devotees with all obedience asked him, 

“Reverend Sir! I have a doubt.. If you are saying.. 'Do not believe in anything but question everything around!'.. then, how is that the Great Men of the World repeatedly preached, 'Believe in God and have Faith in Him?'" 

The Head smiled at him and said, 

“Dear! What the Great Men spoke of Faith or Belief in God is not the usual word we use in world in respect of worldly dealings.. Questing in respect of the worldly dealings is the primary duty with us and establishing 'what is what' is the most important aspect in our lives..

But myself, questioning my Belief in God is similar to the grown up son questioning own mother on all her earlier actions she had done towards his growth out of her emotion towards him saying that there was no rationality in her behavior at that point of time.. The subject would be totally irrelevant at any point of time in the life of the son when the end result.. 

'He having become a fully grown up man with all capabilities to lead his life..' 

is very much in front.. Here, the son invariably touches his mother's feet and just pays his respects for all that she had done to him till that point of time without a second thought..

In a similar way, 

'I am today an embodiment of certain capabilities, health and strength in my environment on this earth..' 

is because the Almighty had taken care of me all these years and provided me with these precious entities to lead my life in the best way I would like to express.. Further, the Lord alone takes care of all this around me in the coming up life too.. Please tell me, what other feeling I should carry with me in this context, other than Offering my sincere Prayer to Him as a thankful gesture and further humbly request Him continue providing me these for the rest of my life? 

This is the exact reason why Great Men reiterated their stand of having Belief in God and proceed living our lives thus on this Earth!"

While leaving, the Head cautioned, 

"Of course, this Original Undivided Faith or Belief necessarily should follow only after the Right Actions are done from my side and It never permits me to be cruel to any life around and cause damage.. Having done that job perfectly in total alone, I have every right to have my Undaunted Faith here otherwise never!"


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  3. Doubt and faith are sides of a coin. I've written about it here:

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