Wednesday, December 16, 2015


'Bhaja Govindam Baja Govindam
Govindam BhajamuuDhamathe
Samprapte sannihitekale
Nahi nahi rakshati Dukrijnkarane!'

'Worship Govinda Worship Govinda Worship Govinda.. When the leaving time nears, rules of grammar will not save you!'

Thus said Sri Adi Sankara while passing thru' the streets of Kasi with His Disciples, when He noticed a Sanskrit Scholar repeatedly stressing on his students the right way of pronouncing one of the words in a Teaching Session..

All our family traditions have their true meaning in life only as long as this Truth is never forgotten when these traditions are followed and the man in front truly becomes the most important while following the same..

‘I am within my four walls all myself with my very freedom and my own expansion and my expression.... None can take a bit of this from me!’ 

thus goes equally the firm belief at times in man forgetting the basic fact that a little sharing with others alone is the Real ‘Me’, True Freedom, Growing and Truly Expressing in life.. And here  a 100% sure, our family tradition and values rise to the occasion to limit this selfishness and rescue him from the total degradation..

The concept of family instantly becomes a sacred thought in the mind of the man when he gears up, becomes attentive in his life and constantly discharges the responsibilities attached there in towards the core family members in particular and towards the people in general out side the family circle in a gradation manner..

When seen in this spirit, our original family traditions advocated by the Great Seers and the Wise who equally cared for providing changes in these with passing times are truly rich in certain values and disciplines and forever do good the self in particular and the world in general if diligently followed..

But as time passed, unfortunately these same traditions were interpreted by a few powerful people for their selfish gain who could forcibly bring changes to them.. Subsequently, it had become a hectic job for a few Great Men and Women to fight out these very evils that crept into our Culture if not in full and and brought them under control.. It has thus become a Great Job done by these Great People who reestablished Dharma in our Society.. The remaining coercive rules and regulations still in vogue this date are truly a black mark on the society and it's ever our duty here to fight these tooth and nail and see that our Culture is truly freed from these evils..

Let's take the pledge here that we do respect and follow our rich family traditions and rules to core where in the Good of Humanity stands as the ultimate aim and we never support again here when the Basic Freedom and True Expression of man is questioned even at an infinitesimal level!

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  1. I missed writing for this prompt...
    That's a wonderful and insightful post... teaching people o follow family traditions... thoroughly enjoyed reading it sir... :-)

    1. Thanks, Archana for the welcome Comment.. Happy over that!

  2. Traditions are good, but as you have mentioned in your post, over the years some have exploited it for selfish reasons. Let's respect the tradition in their original form, not the distorted versions.

    1. Rightly said Saru.. The Post just talks of that point alone.. Thanks for the good comment!

  3. A very beautiful post Sir. Hope this inspires everyone to follow their traditions :):)

  4. Traditions are like a backbone to society!
    Better to follow than break!

    1. Rightly said Indrani except a few where human expression is questioned.. Thanks for the comment!