Friday, January 1, 2016


No doubt the year 2015 was great for me as the most important 4 Lessons which slowly built up over years appeared got firmed up within confirming that there's nothing less of them at any time which I should leave.. That itself no doubt is a Blessing from the Almighty as else otherwise the fickle mind many times misleads me and tries to make me deviate from the righteous path..

Thus the 4 lessons I learned totally towards 2015 end are

  1. I should do the Right as much as possible without leaving a single leaf un-turned in the process to the best of my abilities..
  2. I should care for my next man whole heartedly thru' a sincere service and optimum giving..
  3. I should ever operate the above two within the well defined limits of my safety which is indirectly called my Swadharma, the Dharma truly bestowed on me at this stage of life.. And
  4. I should offer a Prayer and surrender to God at the end of each day for His Ultimate Take care all along!
And these 4 Lessons of life firmed up almost to an optimum level within me in this year 2015 ..

I was thus moving and doing my works till 3/4th of the year never able to locate another thing I need to learn further, till one Sunday morning as I was entering my Flat after my usual morning walk, the Little Girl of my neighborhood was heard repeating loudly some of the Sayings which her father was teaching her all along..

As I approached my door, the girl said aloud.. 'Pride goes before fall!' when her father taught that..

Just then, it suddenly struck me.. What's the God Send Little One here talking of?

'Am I truly humble in my life with all above diligent practices of 4 Lessons?'

And as I looked at myself, I was astonished and subsequently felt guilty for forgetting this single Lesson all along as my pride was seen lurking in 

  • Every single thought in my mind, 
  • Even the smallest word of my talk and 
  • All those tiniest actions of my every doing!

God! What a false life was I leading all these days thinking that I am truly doing my best in this line?

Really understood the right approach.. It's a great relief that finally I had learnt my 5th Lesson.. But the intuition within cautioned..

'No.. Please wait.. It's not so..

This one Lesson never completes in one's life, let the years 2016, 17, 18 etc.. etc.. roll by, it's immaterial.. There's no completion in this as long as this mundane body is in a living state on the earth since the 'self' itself is the basis for this proud feeling.. 

The Lesson in utopia would be complete only when infinite sacrifices are done from your end, nothing of yours stays with you and you exist as nothing!'

Initially looked strange but soon it became evident that the pride never leaves me in this life the end being unknown to me at this stage but my job here is to constantly be checking myself and correcting my actions already tainted with this one negative quality with me and thus move on in my life, the end of it finally the Almighty alone plans for me..

Thus the 5th Lesson Viz., 

  • To be just humble in my life 
spills over into my year 2016 as that learning continues eternally.. Hence here this one is not my Resolution of 2016!

Concurring with my that very thought process, in distance on the loud Speakers,  Sloka 60 Chapter 2 of Srimad bhagavad Gita was heard being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel.. 

'yatato hyapi kaunteya purushasya vipaschitah;
Indriyaani pramatheeni haranti prasabham manah.'

'The turbulent sense O Arjuna (in no time) do violently carry away the mind of even a wise man (without his own knowledge) though he be striving hard (to control them)!'
(The Post is written in line with #Lessonslearntin2015) and is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda)


  1. To be humble is the toughest .. The moment one think." I am a humble person" , its pride! But then like on one can be perfect we can just thrive fro perfection ...similarly we can work towards humility . A nice post sir :)
    Apologies for sounding a little confused :/

    1. No.. You just said the right, Kokila.. Very correctly said! In Sanskrit, the theory that is employed is to negate the known (It's called 'Neti' Siddhantah..i.e., 'Na+Iti' meaning 'not that which is known!'.. Constantly correcting myself alone is the right way of living with the mundane involvement.. Thanks for such a knowledgeable Comment on these Pages!

  2. Such a beautifully written post! Loves the points you mentioned and they do have something for us to learn.

    Do read my take on this topic too and share your views >>