Sunday, January 17, 2016


The time was 3 PM, the close of Working Shift hrs.. The gentleman got up from his seat, closed his bag and was about move..

The telephone rang.. It was from the Boss.. The order was come to his Chamber after half hr.. And as the gentleman kept down the phone, his mobile phone rang.. The family too wanted him in half hr at home to take care of some urgent personal work..

The man was directionless for a minute.. But Thank God, he could quickly recollect what his elder well-wisher had said once upon a time in respect of such a situation in Work Environment, firmed up within, instantly over the phone arranged for family the support required and straight away headed to the Boss Chamber..

The Boss who had gone to GM's Office had not yet returned and the gentleman sat there awaiting the Boss arrival.. In between, he followed up with the family over phone for any major hold up in their plans, found everything OK and as he further started waiting there, the once said words of his well-wisher were ringing in his ears..

"Your working at any point of time during the Employment is never limited solely to working hours stipulated by your Organization.. 

The reason behind this is that when you enter into a Contract in respect of your work with your Employer, you carry a promise to him/her that his/her business / task for which you are compensated will not come to a halt, slow down, lack service support or suffer damage just because you are off from the work.. This promise invariably exists as you take up your Employment to serve the interests of your Employer..

Thus, when you continue to be on the Contract of your Employer, all the time you should work with the discipline of helping out his/her task/business the best from your side and you are off from it only when such an absence doesn't hinder the progress there even a bit.. 

Specifically speaking, your Extra Working here at any point of time invariably is due to one of the 3 reasons Viz.;

  • Your Customer may need your help all of sudden and in order to achieve the highest Customer satisfaction which is the primary motto of a good business, you need to address that then and there itself..
  • You might not have completed your planned work to meet the Monthly/Qtrly Schedules set in advance and to meet all those deadlines and thus to take care of the Employer's planned deliveries.. 
  • Your Employer might have planned Vocational Training for you which you must undergo to acquire extra skills required at work all along your Original Work Plan remaining the same.. 
Thus Overtime Booking at Work becomes a truly a necessity..

Of course, seen from the side of the Employee's welfare, the Employer out of greed, may make an individual work beyond for better returns and thus may exploit the man at work through longer hours of work and work loads beyond..

With the back ground of all these facts, the State Rules ever stipulate 8 hours of work in a day with weekly offs, holidays and leave from work to take care of the welfare of man at work on one side and allows Overtime Booking too on the other side thru' certain extra welfare measures for the Employee such as..

  • Fixed Over Time hrs for the day,
  • Extra remuneration for the extra hrs,
  • No of days to work thus continuously without a Holiday,
  • Compulsory Holiday after that continuous working with the Overtime,
  • Immediate fixed time rest after the Regular Shift and before the start of Overtime for the day, 
  • Free Canteen Facilities during the Stay for the day and 
  • Free Transport to drop back home at the end of the scheduled stay for the day! 

And again to say.. These Rules are basically applicable only for all those Levels in the Organization below the Supervisory Cadre.. Supervisory level and above, the Employer generally may just compensate thru’ a 'Time Off' and nothing more and he/she is free to do that!


  1. Life is like that. Different rules for different people.

    1. These are some of the facts about Over Time at work, Indrani.. Yes.. The Rules ever go like that.. Thanks for the good comment!

  2. The words of his elder well-wisher were wise indeed saving him not only from a silly dilemma, but guiding him towards a positive and responsible decision .

    1. Rightly said, Kokila.. Yes.. It's a positive and responsible decision.. Thanks for the share with Google+

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    1. You said it Archana.. This never leave us as long as we are into our Work with full dedication.. Thanks for the comment!

    2. Additional thanks for share on Google+