Wednesday, January 20, 2016


8 hrs of Work brings in the Remuneration immediately 
But not for long unless soon it's coupled with 
More hrs at Work and Working Smart 
To keep up the Quality/Schedules followed by a 
Certain Customer Satisfaction
Which too has its own limits till
One starts Performing and Retains both 
The Customers and Profits of the Company, 
Thus Truly Grows in Profession and 
Continues to perform at Senior Levels to bring in 
More Customers/Orders and 
The associated Growth to the Company!

The above Sequence alone brings in the Appreciation, 
Supports a Resume that speaks itself subsequently and not me 
and creates a Chain of Bosses/Employers around who come 

To Really Know Me! 

This Performance
Starts with certain gifts of God which are exclusively given to me,
Is built through Qualifications and Training I acquire,
Stabilizes through my Hard Work,
Qualifies through my Devotion at Work and
Sustains only when the Almighty grants me 2 Boons Viz,

A Good Physical and Mental Health,

A Stable Customer demand and a Chance to take over the nearby areas for my Employer!

What is feasible I should do; 
In respect of the rest, I should accept 
The Status quo and 
Pray to God for continuance of the Precious Entities
in front of me and thus live forever with 

A Positive Outlook!


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    1. I just expressed what I felt about Work out of my 38 yrs of work experience at various Levels.. Thanks for the nice supportive comment!

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    1. Thanks Shraddha for the supportive comment!

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