Saturday, January 16, 2016


In one of the old classic films as I had seen and remembered, the gentleman in the taxi would be discussing some serious subject and at the end of a certain say he confirms the same by repeating the word, ‘Right?' for which the co-passenger invariably nods his head as he truly understands the 'Spirit of the Right' behind the talk.. 

Like wise the gentleman says 4 times in approx equal intervals of time and when he looks out at the end of the 4th time, he would see himself at the starting point itself, the taxi driver all the while sincerely following each of his ‘Right Saying' for a 'Right Turn!'

The joke here may be too classic but ultimately seen from both the sides of the driver and the passenger, both were 100% right, none had done an iota of wrong and thus each carried their own strength and respect even though what materialized ultimately was something totally different!

Thus seen clearly, it can be 100% emphasized that ultimately the 'Right known this Moment' surely wins everywhere.. A perfect 'Win-Win' situation even though the result may be anything!

A few words here on this Right and the associated wrong too in parallel..

  • The Right Thought, Talk and Action with me are forever in perfect Unison without creating a tension in me at any point of time.. Whereas the wrong thought, talk and action each means something different every time creating endless tensions in my life! 
  • The Right in the world ever stands by itself as firmly as a rock.. The wrong here is eternally shaky without a base constantly looking at the Right for the earliest support.. 
  • The Right on the face of it may appear feeble but That alone ultimately drives out the seemingly strong wrong without an exception..
  • There's always a single Right Action in front of me to be completed at a particular moment of my life.. Where as the wrong actions are countless in number each luring me in its own way and equally creating its own confusion..
  • The single Right known to me for the moment may not be the Ultimate Right or the Absolute Right but that alone sure leads me there all along retaining my peace with me.. But the single wrong that initially lures me, makes me restless, drags me into countless other wrongs and finally leaves me as a corpse of confusion and nothing in this life!
  • The Right never changes because I wish It be something different, extra interesting, more rewarding or less troublesome.. That way, the wrong instantly suits me and goes according to my 100% liking! 
  • The world may never be behind me appreciating all along as I am into the Right but, the moment I do one single wrong invariably questions me endlessly and never leaves me go scot-free even once! 
  • Even if somehow I come out of the clutches of questioning for deviating from the Right which a few times may be possible, the fag end of my life in such a scenario would never be great and invariably zeroes me towards a state of total restlessness.. The less said here, the better! 
  • If dedication is missing in my Right Action, or It is not done in time or required energies are not put into It, the next Action needs more vigor which involves all that correction needed for the earlier non performance and the accumulation thus ever continues and never stops! 
  • Ultimately I alone have to pay back all that debt from my side with compound interest and without an inch of default as that is the Eternal Law of Universe which forever Guards and Regulate the Life on Earth where in I forever am a Registered Member! 

Seen totally with such back up, my 'muse' in my life is going to be forever the 'Sacred Right' alone known to me this moment as that one alone ultimately can truly 'Inspire' me in all my future actions!

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  1. Wonderful post! The 'Right'can be identified by the feeling inside whether it feels good or not.If you are feeling good and elated it is the right decision for you and viceversa.Thus feelings serve as the internal guidance system..

    1. Thanks Rajeev.. Yes.. You said very much the point, once again!

  2. very interesting read sir... I never really thought of it this way...
    And I agree... our feelings serve as our guiding light...

    1. Yes, Archana.. The Truth that is known to us in our life is ever called the Relative Truth.. And a normal Human has nothing else that can do other than living thru' his/her life with that that is known to him/her.. Here alone the Right and Wrong surface and respecting such a Right becomes our duty in this life.. In that context alone, the Post speaks of the Right and the wrong! Thanks for such a good comment!

  3. Loved such unique and mind-blogging ideas :) The beginning was fantastic followed by perfect points :)